500,000 New Millionaires
Will Be Created in the Next 4 Years

And Today, Your Path to a Crypto Fortune
Just Got a Lot Easier

“The moneymaking potential here
is simply too great to ignore…”

The moneymaking opportunity with cryptocurrency today simply could not be any bigger.

Anthony Scaramucci is calling for Bitcoin to hit $100,000 in less than two years and $500,000 shortly thereafter.

Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest predicts Bitcoin could exceed $1 million by 2030.

Our analysis of supply and demand research shows Bitcoin reaching a price of $1 million, $10 million, $100 million, even $999 million… all in just over 10 years.

That’s a 3,000,000% Gain from Today’s Prices

And the best part is: Our experts believe some smaller coins could trounce the returns of Bitcoin over the next five years.

We Want to See You Reach Crypto Millionaire Status

In fact, it’s our mission. It’s exactly why we’ve created AICI Membership right now – to help you and thousands of other ordinary Americans take advantage of this unique opportunity… to build a Crypto War Chest worth millions.

That’s right – I said millions… the opportunities in cryptocurrency don’t stop with Bitcoin, and they don’t stop at $1 million.

And we’re here to provide you with the best guidance on each and every one of the best coins, tokens, and digital assets.

Every Market Has Dominant Players… and Nick Has Identified the Three Best Coins to Move on Right Now

There were thousands of companies that tried to crack the internet before companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon came to dominate and hand their early investors untold billions in new wealth.

Nick Black is confident the same thing is unfolding in cryptocurrency.

He’s revealing three key players – Hypercoins – that are behind a new revolution about to transform the way people interact and transact around the world.

Hypercoin #1:

It’s poised to be the backbone of every stock transaction, cashing in a small piece of every single one. Anthony put $250 million into this amazing coin. And the supply is limited.

Hypercoin #2:

We’re talking about trillion-dollar revenue potential here – all by letting every crypto language talk to one another. That opens the door to for every Fortune 500 to transact with each other through crypto (and hand money to this coin every step along the way).

Hypercoin #3:

It has the ability to make every step of your life easier. We’re talking about instant verification and streamlining how you apply for a loan, get a job, receive accurate medical care, and more. The technology is hack-free and scalable into the billions.

Full details on all three of these coins are yours the minute you get started with The Institute…

It’s all part of the AICI Membership's proprietary 100X Hypercoin Portfolio.

Each one is primed to soar in the next 12 months and deliver a fortune in the coming years.

Next Up: Tom’s Make-Money-Now Plays

Grabbing the coins that Nick believes are destined to be the biggest in the market isn’t the only way to build your Crypto War Chest.

That’s why Tom Gentile is part of the AICI Membership team.

Tom’s taken the knowledge that’s helped him and hundreds of thousands of students make millions on winning stock trades…

And is turning those patterns into huge moneymakers in the crypto market.

It’s a proven fact with his win rate of over 90%.

These microcurrencies are small and they move fast…

And Tom’s got three of them that he’s ready to hand you as soon as you join in The Three Microcurrencies to Buy for 10X Profits in Just Six Months.

And there’s more…

Anthony Is Inviting You to Take Part in Exclusive Briefings with the Biggest Names in Crypto

Today, you met Anthony Scaramucci – CEO of SkyBridge Capital, a Wall Street icon, and a Wall Street maverick, with over a $1.5 billion stake of his and his firm’s own money in cryptocurrency.

Anthony is one of the most connected players in the entire crypto world.

And he’s committed to helping investors like you make the most of the unprecedented opportunities available right now.

Three times a year, Anthony will deliver his one-of-a-kind State of the Crypto Industry Address.

Events like these are normally reserved for high-net-worth clients who pay thousands – even tens of thousands – of dollars for the privilege.

And access to these State of the Crypto Industry Addresses will be restricted – exclusively for members of AICI Membership.

He’ll give you one-of-a-kind analysis and insider updates on every aspect of the crypto markets – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hypercoins, and microcurrencies…

He’ll also share his conclusions from the SkyBridge Capital team’s proprietary research on the emerging ways to make money in digital assets… like NFTs, DeFi coins, Web 3.0, the crypto VC boom, the Metaverse, and much more.

Plus, Anthony is one of the most well-connected investors in the crypto world. Big names like billionaire Mike Novogratz, NFL superstar Tom Brady, and Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary appeared at his Crypto Bahamas Summit this spring.

And he’s going to open that network to you by bringing in top-level special guests so you can benefit from their insight as well.

The bottom line is: Anthony’s perspective on the state of crypto is a potential gold mine in itself… and a huge “insider advantage.”

Every Month, You’ll Receive a Brand-New
Crypto Investment Package… with Another Huge Opportunity

On the first Monday of every month, we will deliver a comprehensive analysis of our favorite cryptocurrency opportunity at that very moment.

It might be an emerging Hypercoin from Nick to add to the 100X Portfolio, a new 10X Microcurrency Trade from Tom that you could play in days or weeks, or a jump into the new world of crypto options.

You will want to examine these plays carefully and decide exactly where you want to invest for biggest opportunity.

Remember, we’re still the very early stages of a true groundswell… a sweet spot where 100X returns over the next three years with multiple coins are not only possible… but the history of the crypto market shows it’s probable!

They could be bigger than we’ve seen over the last three years with…

LINK skyrocketing to peak gains of 10,350%…

MANA soaring to a 24,144% peak gain…

And even RUNE surging to peak gains of 128,688%…

That’s the kind of potential you can see in a young, speculative market like crypto – even though the ride is never smooth…

Which is why it’s so valuable to have professional guidance!

You’re going to feel so confident knowing you have the world’s greatest crypto experts helping you avoid the losers… and steering you toward the coins with the biggest potential gains.

We Will Be by Your Side Every Step of the Way

The investment opportunities that you’ll be discovering today in the 100X Hypercoin Portfolio are only the beginning of your journey with AICI Membership.

We are going be at your side with with our research and world-class analysis on every development in the markets.

The crypto markets move fast. Each morning, you’ll receive The Institute’s Daily – with the latest news and its impact on your Crypto War Chest.

Weekly Progress Reports

Every week, you’ll receive a Weekly Progress Report with an in-depth look at every new development, every blockchain upgrade, and every new technology.

100X Portfolio Tracker

You’ll also have 24/7 proprietary access to our 100X Portfolio Tracker to monitor the performance of every one of our recommendations.

Real-Time Profit Alerts

And when it’s time to cash out on our fast-moving 10X Microcurrency Trades, we’ll send you a Real-Time Profit Alert. You can even receive immediate notification by text.

Got Questions? Just Getting Started? We Have You Covered

The “Take-You-by-the-Hand” Guide

Complete step-by-step instructions for setting up an account, buying your first cryptos, and safely storing them for when it’s time to take massive profits.

The Crypto A to Z Primer Kit

Everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency market.

The Crypto Trading Fast Tracker

An over-the-shoulder video guide that gives you step-by-step instructions for trading like a pro.

An Entire Crypto Training Library

Nine videos and six manuals showing you how to make serious money in the world’s most exciting market.

The Institute’s Daily

The crypto market’s most critical news in a five-minute read every day to keep you up to date on the fast-moving crypto industry.

Our Proprietary CryptoStar Rating System

Tracks and grades the world’s top coins that could lead to extreme profits.

Oh… and we have one more surprise in store for you. In fact, we didn’t even mention it in the presentation.

Join today, and…

You’ll Be Part of the Biggest Crypto Investing Community in America

It doesn’t matter if you’re already an active investor… or brand new to cryptocurrency.

We’re giving you access to a powerful community built for crypto investors… BY CRYPTO INVESTORS.

Crypto Investors Hub

Our custom-built online Crypto Investors Hub sets you up to easily network with one another and discuss and debate each opportunity.

And connecting with your fellow members is only the beginning…

Because it also gives you a chance to connect and ask questions of our institute experts… and even board members who may pop in.

This one-of-a-kind community is another perk created to make this subscription the most valuable moneymaking asset in your arsenal!

Your Charter Membership to AICI Membership Includes:

AICI Membership
One Year ($599 Value)

Special Report #1:

100X Hypercoin Portfolio

($99 Value)

Special Report #2:

The Three Microcurrencies to Buy for 10X Profits in Just Six Months

($99 Value)

Total Value: $797

Charter Member Discount: -$758

Just $39

Your Charter Membership Discount Is Only
Available for a Limited Time

We’re making it really easy for Charter Members to get started. But this incredible discount is for Charter Members only – so this special subscription deal for Charter membership in AICI Membership could expire at any moment.

Right now is without question the best time to dip your toe in this market… even if you put in just $50, $100, or $1,000. The three Hypercoins we’re recommending could make you one of the 500,000 millionaires we project in the next few years. Strike while the iron is hot!

And take advantage of this Charter membership subscription discount while you can.

There will never be such a comprehensive package to get you started building wealth in the cryptocurrency markets like it.

That makes this a once-in-a-lifetime deal.

And the timing couldn’t be better!

If you want to secure your Charter membership… act now!

Unconditional 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee!

You can test-drive every feature of AICI Membership for the next 90 days. If you aren’t blown away by the nonstop stream of opportunities, then simply contact our VIP Concierge team and we’ll instantly refund 100% of your Charter membership – no questions asked.

You’re moments away from joining AICI Membership as a Charter Member.

That means you are moments away from receiving six investment opportunities that could quickly put you on the path to joining the 500,000 new crypto millionaires we project in the next few years.

All that’s left is for you to fill out the short form below.

Or if you prefer, you can call our VIP Concierge team at 866-861-7924 or 443-578-3269 (international) between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. (ET) Monday through Friday.

Welcome aboard!


Mike Ward
Co-Founder, American Institute for Crypto Investors
June 2022

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