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Thank you so much for joining me today.

As you heard - time is of the essence. These UAI companies are already on the move, and the profits my members and I have seen since July are truly astounding. 

In fact, here’s a view of my current active portfolio:

**The coin names are blurred because this is an active portfolio.

All these positions were added in the last 7 months, and we’ve seen the AI revolution catalyze 4X returns, 7X returns, 9X returns, and even our first 10X return.

No one can argue these gains are truly incredible…

And all of them were just pennies when we first bought them…

The most “expensive” UAI we bought was a whopping 9 cents!

These kinds of returns are exactly what’s possible for you when you join me today as a Digital Heavyweight.

And you really must act today.

I need you to hear me when I say this…

I truly believe this is your last opportunity to build generational wealth and join the AI revolution.

The 10X my members and I have seen in the last 7 months is going to pale in comparison to the next 18 months.

And I’m not just saying that, either.

I believe in UAI companies so much… I’ve already moved $100K worth of my personal assets into them. (Not to mention a million dollars I’ve advised my wealth management clients to invest.)

We may only have days before the Marketplace of UAI starts spitting out free spinoff companies. One of the spinoffs I expect to drop soon could be massive.

Forbes says this technology…


We’re talking projections of $27 trillion in the next 3 years!

And I project the “tolls” being paid to use it to extend human life could be in the billions every single day…

In fact… this ONE investment is like a way to secure your very own UAI Index fund and tap into a massive $15.7 trillion economic windfall.

All you have to do is start with as little as $250… and if it does as well as I project… you could be set for life.

That’s just one of 3 or 4 spinoffs I expect in the next 18 months. And with prices in the pennies for each… anyone… I mean ANYONE can afford to get in.

You’ll get all the step-by-step directions as soon as you…


It’s my exclusive community of people looking to change their lives through the power of Digital Assets. The only place I share my knowledge outside of my private wealth management clients.

As soon as you come aboard, I’ll send you full dossiers of how we’re going to hit the ground running with my top 4 UAI companies.

In fact, I handed you the first one at today’s presentation – AGIX.

Dossier #1


I expect AGIX to have 3 to 4 spinoff companies in the next year, which you can get for free, it’s an exciting opportunity.

But the Marketplace of UAI is pretty darned exciting all on its own.

Run by the “Father of AI” – a genius who’s trained the cream of the crop PhD’s in the business.

A man who pioneered UAI and its toll both model where you can participate in what I expect to see millions of tolls to be paid.

All because they’re marketing t1o a target rich environment – 32 million small and mid-sized businesses in America alone!

AGIX Price Target: Including Spinoffs – 15X over the next 12 months.

Dossier #2


The market for technology in the automotive industry is off the charts. Electric vehicles are leading the charge… with projections of $1.3 trillion in sales by 2028.

And no company is positioned better to provide powerful UAI in real-time.

That’s just the beginning too. They touch virtually every part of the automotive value chain, from manufacturers to consumers.

Founded by one of the earliest investors in Deep Mind, Googles AI platform, he led the effort to make it a commercial success. And at $1.3 billion in revenues… it’s really taken off.

And the automotive UAI is following those footsteps.

They have partnerships with 2 major auto consortiums… $78 billion German multi-national Bosch… $3.1 billion multinational FESTO…

Now imagine all the tolls I expect to be paid… and you participate in each one.

Price Target: 10X over the next 12 months.

Dossier #3


Simply put, not even the best trader on Wall Street can even compete. And like it or not… I predict UAI “Hedge Funds” will dominate Wall Street in a few short years.

The “Hedge Fund” of UAI is already on track.

Remember, their first portfolio outperformed one market bellwether by 32%… And the second portfolio beat another market bellwether by a massive 45%.

All while the S&P sank 11%.

I believe it’s going to be the “everyman’s” fund of choice… and soon they’ll be opening another fund… the first sold out in under a minute!

And with the toll booth model… you’re in the middle of every transaction they’ll make.

More investors… more transactions… more tolls… and you have massive money-making potential as the assets surge in value.

Price Target: 10X over the next 12 months.

Dossier #4


In case you forgot, 198 million people voted this technology the second most important of its kind. And for good reason.

The underlying blockchain technology of this innovative UAI company has never been hacked.

It’s literally invincible!

With the average cost for EACH cloud security breach is $4.35 million dollars… I expect to see companies line up for blocks to put this amazing technology to use.

And that means trolls… tolls… and more tolls you can benefit from.

Best part: it’s trading for less than a penny and a half!

Price Target: 14X over the next 3-4 months.


We’re going to be on the hunt for the biggest profit opportunities left in the market. And in today’s world of investing, tiny little stakes have wealth-building potential like nothing else.

That’s because we’re seeing a digital explosion like nothing we’ve seen before. One that will completely and utterly change our economy over the next 18 months.

In fact, the largest Big 4 accounting firm in the world, Deloitte says…

The new technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, such as AI, cloud, and robotics, are changing at a rate unprecedented in human history.

That’s exactly why I believe my Digital Asset Pyramid is your ticket to financial independence… just like it’s been mine.

We’re early in the game… right where the biggest profit potential lies… and we’ve already seen the results in our portfolio:

The big players know this…

Private equity behemoth KKR’s CEO recently stated his firm is looking at investments in ‘all things digital.’ And you should too if you’re looking to make big gains and secure your future.

Artificial intelligence and UAI is just the beginning… and in just a few years, it’s set to drive every industry on Earth. I’m talking trillions of dollars are up for grabs.

Moving up the pyramid, digital assets and blockchain technologies are good for the highest compound annual growth rate I’ve ever seen, at more than 85% a year through 2030.

And if you think I’m only talking about cryptocurrencies.. you couldn’t be more wrong.

At the next layer, Virtual, Augmented, and Extended realty will boost our economy from virtually zero to $1.5 trillion by 2030…

Robotics is surging.

And AI in logistics will fortify our supply chain and add more than $12 trillion in new wealth.

Here’s the deal…

We’re going to look for the biggest “bang for the buck” investments in each layer of the Digital Asset Pyramid.

Look, I’ve made ridiculous money using this pyramid as a guide.

You’ve seen my real-money profits in the last 7 months…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I’m projecting another 10X on the profits we’ve made ALREADY in the next 18 months.

And I’m not just saying that…


I’ll tell you exactly what I’m doing… every step of the way.

And right now is primetime to buy.

I expect some huge winners coming down the pike.

It’s going to be quite a ride. And here is the best part…


Listen, I spend every minute of my working day analyzing digital assets…

That’s because dumb luck isn’t a strategy. I have a responsibility with my clients, followers and community…

Fact is, I charge $800 for private individuals for my insights.

There’s also a five-hour minimum for my services, which is $4,000 up front.

My corporate clients pay an even higher minimum of $20,000.

And I’ve been able to generate gains that are 10, 20, even 50 times larger than what most people see in their entire lifetimes.

So, I’ve got a lot at stake here… Including my own money.

You can make one… two… three… or all four of the UAI plays. It’s up to you….

Now these four plays and every recommendation I provide is only available one way…


These recommendations are just the beginning…

Because I’ve created a blueprint for people to build wealth in the digital asset market. And that’s exactly what I plan on helping YOU do in the weeks and months to come…

With three simple steps…


The first step to my winning game plan is to teach you how to trade options on digital assets. This way, even if they happen to go up or down in price… or even stay exactly where they are…

YOU can still make money each and every week through leveraging digital asset volatility.

I’m going to try to release a new digital options trade every week.

And as a subscriber to Digital Heavyweights, you will receive details on all my trades the second they are released through my Digital Trade Memos.

Through these weekly updates, I’ll be giving you:

  • Details on new digital assets to buy…
  • Details on digital assets to avoid…
  • New tokens to trade…
  • And most importantly, new option trades on digital assets.

As a new member of Digital Heavyweights, you will receive a copy of my new tutorial called Digital Options Trading.

This comprehensive guide will teach you how to trade options on major digital assets using low-risk trading strategies. Read it once. Read it twice. Print it out and tape it to your desk. Do whatever you need to do in order to get comfortable.

This is one of the ways I plan on helping you come out on top in the months to come.

Another way I plan on helping you win in this market is through building a fortified digital asset portfolio…

This is the second step to my game plan…


We’re talking about a portfolio made up of the absolute strongest, safest digital assets in existence.

In my new report, Ten for Ten: Ten Digital Assets for 10X Profits, you’ll discover which 10 digital assets have passed through my rigid 5 T Pillar System. You’ll also discover:

  • Why each of these digital assets exists…
  • Who developed them…
  • What problems they’re meant to solve…
  • Where they can be purchased, and…
  • How much you should invest in each one.

The content of this report is worth the price of admission alone. Coming in at around 40 pages…

You could literally download this report, buy all 10 of these digital assets, and set yourself up for a massive payday before they surge in price.

That’s because these are long-term positions that I believe will ultimately prove to be the biggest winners in the digital asset space in the months and years to come.

And right now, you can buy all of these assets at some of the lowest prices we’ll ever see again.

The third step to my game plan is to give you insight into the world of digital assets through Live Streaming Broadcasts.


Through these LIVE broadcasts, I will be guiding you twice each week and sharing my thoughts in a video presentation. During these livestreams, I will share with you:

  • New recommendations for our Model Portfolio…
  • My top speculative plays – or what I call “lottery tokens…”
  • New digital options trades…
  • Macrotrends I’m seeing in the market…
  • And much more.

So when I say I’m going to be by your side…

I’m going to be with you at all times…

Guiding you through this market filled with massive potential…

In order to find you winning opportunities at any and all costs…

Know that I’m fully committed to the cause… making you successful.

Here’s what some of my current members are already saying about their success as Digital Heavyweights:


It’s my way of providing you with countless opportunities to achieve personal wealth…

It’s my way of providing you with a mentorship you will not find anywhere else…

It’s my way of trying to clone my success and make YOU financially independent.

So you can live life on your own terms.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again…


They are the one and only remaining asset class in the world that can deliver otherworldly gains in a matter of months – sometimes, weeks.

And because they’re so cheap right now…

All it takes is a little nudge in the right direction…

And you can wind up making as much as 50X on your money over time.

I know this from experience.

I went from flatlined gold investments to seeing my account rise by as much as $780,000 in a day.

I owe all my success to digital assets. And now I want to give back… So here is the thing…

Digital Heavyweights is NOT cheap. But it’s also…


Here’s what I mean…

Going into the digital asset space alone could be very hard. There are a lot of traps, scams and assets that are worth nothing… Just by avoiding those mistakes, you could save a ton of money.

For the amount of information included in your membership:

  • Weekly Digital Trade Memos…
  • LIVE Streaming Broadcasts…
  • Digital Options Trading tutorial, and…
  • My New Ten for Ten report (with details on 10 digital assets)…

PLUS a few things I haven’t even mentioned yet – like:

  • Invitations to exclusive events…
  • Portfolio enhancement tools…
  • Details on new digital ICOs…
  • And much more…

I should be charging you at least $5,000 a year.

But I’m going to make you a great deal.

Since I’m projecting another 10X on our existing positions in the next 18 months…

I’m going to take what is normally an annual fee for Digital Heavyweights and EXTEND IT AN ADDITIONAL 6 MONTHS FOR NO CHARGE.

Normally, it costs $1,950 for a year of access to everything I’ve outlined above.

But for the next 48 hours, you can secure an 18-month membership for $1950.

And let me remind you…

That’s a lot less than what I charge my clients for three hours of service.

And less than the $5,000 for a full year of the Digital Heavyweights membership.

I won’t be giving 60% discounts for long…

And especially not with those additional 6 months free of charge…

I’m virtually helping you use that savings to jump on those four plays. And start to build your winning digital asset portfolio.

But if that is what it’s going to take to help you win in the market…

To convince you to come on board and potentially change your financial future…

Then I’m willing to let you in at this price.

Know that I’m doing everything in my power to help you achieve what I have…

To make you successful in this market…

And help you achieve financial independence.


Look, a few years ago, I realized the investing world changes with… or without you.

We’re staring down the barrel of THE biggest windfall in history… worth trillions.

I fully believe this is your last chance to turn a tiny stake into real personal wealth.

Once AI takes over trading… the days of big profits in short time horizons will be over… FOREVER.

And it’s coming faster than you realize.

This is your best - AND LAST - chance to profit from it.

To join me…


Not tomorrow – not next week – but right now…

Because once you click off this page, you may never see this deal again.

And in 48 hours, I can guarantee these extra 6 months will not be included free of charge.

So, let’s get this show on the road.

Just complete the form below – and you’re in!

See you soon,

Nick Black

Founder, Digital Heavyweights

March 2023

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