That’s right…

Richard Dennis turned a handful of novices into millionaires.

And now it’s time to seize your shot!

My detailed plan is in place – and the action starts now.

Of course, time is of the essence here.

As you learned moments ago, I can only accept a limited number of Darknet Charter Members today.

It’s first come, first served – no exceptions.

If you’re ready to become one of the select few to make the leap, keep reading.

I’m going to walk you through my detailed blueprint for success so you know exactly what you can expect.


You Will Tap the Unprecedented Power of Darknet Trades!

Darknet is so powerful that it can spot mutational signals that are invisible to the human eye.

Plus, it’s completely proprietary – which means no one else in the world can even see these trades!

That’s why only a few traders will gain access to the maximized profit potential you’ve seen today. Just look at the peak performers we identified during our extensive backtest analysis.

$10,000 into each of these top performers in the 30 days BEFORE the mutation would have lost $22,500!

But in the 30 days AFTER the mutation, that same money could have been a peak $722,000!

That’s the power of Darknet – an unprecedented force that could catapult you into the realm of elite traders fast!


You Will Receive Your First Darknet Trade (and a Shot at 930%) in a Matter of Days!

We’re coming out of the gates fast! In fact… when you join Darknet, you’ll receive your first ready-for-action Darknet Trade Alert soon.

So get ready – because as you saw in my interview… when a mutation hits, the profit potential of big gains could be imminent – as much as 396%, 450%, 518%, 585%, 670%, or even 930%.

Of course, this first trade is just a small taste of things to come.


You Will Receive Two Trades per Week!

Every day the markets are open, Darknet will monitor the action.

When it spots a mutation, you’ll receive a Darknet Trade Alert with all the details.

  • First: You’ll get a full analysis of the specific stock we are playing…
  • Second: You’ll get a Darknet Snapshot showing you the exact moment the mutation occurred in the stock…
  • Third: You’ll get detailed trading instructions telling you exactly how to make the trade…

All you need do is follow the instructions – and if you are completely comfortable with the play, just make the trade in your brokerage account.

If you don’t feel comfortable with any one trade, no problem! You can afford to be picky – because we’re planning to send an average of two Trade Alerts every week.

That’s 100 opportunities during the next year with the potential for wins as much as 518%, 585% – even 930% or more.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: The action is going to be fast and furious. And to make sure you don’t miss a single play… when I send new Trade Alerts to your inbox, you can get instant notifications sent to your phone with my Darknet Text Alert.

You can activate this powerful complimentary feature with one click inside your members area.

It’s all part of your Darknet Charter Members!


You Will Know Exactly When to Exit for Profits!

No matter what the market is doing, you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for Darknet Profit Alert.

That’s because these little mutations you’ve seen today can transform market losses into big, fast wins.

For example, look at the it difference made in Zillow…

And in SQQQ…

And in Regeneron.

My team and I will monitor every trade we issue.

That way, you’ll always be apprised of the situation.

And when it’s time to exit the trade and claim any profits, we will let you know via our Darknet Profit Alerts.

Of course, not all trades are winners and nothing is guaranteed. In fact, I always tell my followers to never risk more than they can afford to lose.

That said, the upside potential here is staggering!


You Will Learn Everything You Need to Know About Trading Darknet Signals!

Get ready to be empowered with supreme trading knowledge!

The Darknet Master Trading Program will teach you the secrets of turning Darknet mutational signals into winning plays.

Once you possess the ability to turn Darknet signals into viable trades, you’ll roll out of bed each morning

with a sense of absolute confidence – knowing you’ve got the trading world in the palm of your hand.

In fact, you may want unleash your own trading barrage every day!

And your opportunities will be virtually endless. Here’s why…


You Will Gain Access to as Many as 20 Additional Darknet Trading Signals per Week!

And these signals offer the potential to accelerate your profit opportunities exponentially.

That’s right – along with the two Trade Alerts we send our Charter Members each week, Darknet captures an average of 20 additional signals!

And each of these mutations represents a tradable opportunity.

Every day, we will compile the signals we identify into a Daily Target List and forward it to our Charter Members.

That means – using the techniques you learn in the Master Trading Program – you’ll have a chance to create your own trades.

In other words, every day will be loaded with potential home runs!

Just look at what happened back on July 11, 2022. Our data showed four mutations, including:

  • A JWN signal that delivered a 112% gain…
  • A CTVA signal that delivered a 200% gain…
  • A APD signal that delivered a 284% gain…
  • A PCAR signal that delivered a 326% gain…

A $10,000 investment in each of these top-performing plays for 30 days could now be worth a peak $132,244. And all four trades were there for the taking on the same day!


You Will Watch Me and My Team Unleash Real Trades Live Every Week!

My career kicked into overdrive the minute I started spending time with other traders. In fact… early in my career, I was surrounded by some of the savviest traders in history. This experience accelerated my learning curve exponentially.

That’s why I’m going to immerse you in a high-intensity environment where my trading expertise will naturally become your own.

You’ll have a front-row seat as my team and I analyze mutations, break down Darknet signals, and unleash REAL TRADES – live and in real time.

The weekly Live Trading Room will infuse your trading game with unstoppable momentum. And during these sessions, you’re likely to form deep bonds with your fellow Charter Members.


You Will Become Part of a Community of Traders Seeking Millionaire Status!

Every day of the week, you can enter our Darknet Clubhouse and bond with other ambitious traders gunning for millionaire-trader status!

When I look at our online chat rooms, I’m always amazed by the spirit of camaraderie – the sense that “we’re all in this together!” I see people sharing ideas and strategies. I even see veterans helping new members get up and running fast!

In short, the Clubhouse gives you a heavy dose of peer support as you and your fellow members sprint toward the realm of seven-figure fortunes!


You Will See the Best Trades from Everyone on the Darknet Leaderboard!

Of course, we are here to make money – a lot of money! But we also want to have some fun with Darknet. That’s why my team has created our Darknet Leaderboard. For those who wish to participate, this is going to be a blast. You and your fellow Charter Members will be able to post your best trading results, keep track of wins, and enjoy some friendly competition. And yes – you’ll see my name on the leaderboard, too… and I truly hope you can beat my best.


You’ve got an unprecedented opportunity before you.

I’ve been trading for over 30 years. I’ve made millions in every type of market.

Today, I’m ready to bend over backwards to make you my next trading protégée.

Extreme market forces have unleashed a mutational phenomenon with the power to flip market losses into epic wins.

You saw the evidence in my interview with Rob Booker.

If you’d put just $10,000 into each of the 15 peak performers in the 30 days after the mutation, you could be sitting on a peak $722,000.

And that’s just 15 exceptional and rare examples.

Imagine what happens when you start hitting two trades a week.

Imagine how big the pot could get if you decide to start trading Darknet signals on your own three, four, or five additional trades every week… all year long!

But this kind of profit potential is not for anyone.

This is for people with a pioneer mindset…

People who have the guts to act when opportunity emerges.

History is littered with people who “wished” they could be rich but never did what needed to be done to make it happen.

Today – right now – you can take a decisive step.

You can catapult yourself into rarified air…

Into the realm of elite traders…

People who take what is theirs.

And to make it a complete no-brainer, I’m going to do two very special things for you.


First, I’m going to slash the price and make this affordable to anyone.

That means you get an instant $2,500 discount when you join Darknet as a Charter Members today.

And second, I’m going to give you my 100% Ironclad Guarantee.

Go ahead and secure your spot as a Darknet member today. And then dig in to everything your Charter Membership has to offer.

Get your first Darknet Trade Alert – and if it feels right, unleash your shot for the potential of a 930% home run!

Take a few moments to visit the Darknet Clubhouse. Introduce yourself and share a cocktail online with your fellow Charter Members!

Join me and my team for a Darknet Live Trading Session! I promise you this: We’re gonna bring our A game every time… and you will NOT be disappointed!

Dig in to the Darknet Master Trading Program and start learning the secrets to turning mutational signals into massive winning opportunities!

Tap the Daily Target List for additional trades – as many as 20 extra plays to find every single week!

Remember – even your first Darknet Trade Alert could give you a shot at 930% – and we’re all waiting to cheer for your success!

And get ready – because I promise to deliver at least 100 Trade Alerts over the next 12 months. In addition, you’ll get up to 1,000 Darknet signals over the year that can turn into trades as you see fit!

I’ll even take it a step farther: I promise that each and every Trade Alert I send will be turbocharged with triple-digit gain potential. I’m talking about as much as 518%, 585% – even 650% or more.

If after all that you’re not on the way to the trading fortune you want to build, I will work an extra year for you absolutely free!

But the time is now – and you must move fast.

The deep discount is available to only 100 people today on a first-come, first-served basis.


When you look back a year from now, will you be proud of the choice you made? Will you be on the path to elite-trader status?

Or will you feel a sense of regret that you let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip right through your fingers and into the hands of another investor?

It’s in your hands.

Simply fill out the order form below to secure your spot and get started now – before all the slots fill up.

Join me now. You’ll be so glad you did.


Tom Gentile

Founder, Darknet

January 2023


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