Double Hyper Turn Activated

Welcome aboard!

Today I’m taking a small group of folks under my wing.

We’re going to be targeting the most explosive plays available now.

And I have one goal for this exciting new venture… to show YOU how to…

Make a Boatload by Playing Every Key Market Turn Starting Today

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Remember, no matter which way the market moves… money is up for grabs. Big money.

And targeting hyper momentum is the key.

When the market turns green – we go after trades on fast-moving stocks with exploding profits.

When the market turns red – we look for the best option plays on stocks that are most likely to plummet.

And the profits don’t stop there.

Once the market turns and momentum hits full throttle…

We Jack Up the Profit Potential with
Triple Accelerator Trades

And exploit each market move to the hilt with very specific kind of options.

Plays that are dirt cheap, ultra-fast, and can skyrocket when momentum, trend, and velocity accelerate.

Just like these quick profits I personally scooped up – 100%… 232%… and 346% all in less than a day.

That’s three Triple Accelerator windfalls I made in my personal account in less than 24 hours. And you could have been right there with me.

Now remember, Triple Accelerator trades are the icing on the cake. These are in addition to the Hyper Momentum trade recommendations coming to you every week.

Like I said… I want to show you how to make as much money as possible, by going after every ounce of profit from each market move.

And when we can target multiple gains on some of the stocks like Nucor, Budget Group, and Johnson Controls… we’ll take that shot in a heartbeat.

It’s why I created Hyper Momentum Trader and why I’m inviting you to become a Charter Member today.

Here’s How It’s Going to Work…

1. Start with Your Hyper
Kickoff Game Plan

The moment you join you’ll have instant access to the Hyper Momentum Trader Quick-Start Guide and Crash Course Videos.

This is my winning game plan to help you kick things off and start making money ASAP.

I’ll walk you through critical market turns, hyper momentum trading and show you step-by-step how to place trades and go for the kill.

Markets move fast and trades are coming in hot. So we don’t want to waste any time.

I’ll help you jump in the game and hit the ground running.

2. Get Weekly Profit Targets

My tools work around the clock tracking market turns, scanning for hyper momentum stocks and targeting the best trading opportunities.

The moment I detect a trade with off the charts profit potential, you’ll get an email with an urgent Hyper Momentum Trade Alert.

It has all the important details about the trade recommendation.

The hyper momentum stock we’re targeting, the option trade, and the profit potential I expect.

If you decide to pull the trigger, you’ll also have full instructions on how to get into the trade and play it for maximum profits.

You’ll get two new hyper momentum trade recommendations a week on average.

Over the next 12 months…

That’s More Than 100 Shots to Quickly Double, Triple, and Even 10X Your Money

Now to get these kinds of phenomenal returns, timing your exit is critical.

It’s a crucial part of my hyper momentum trading strategy.

So when it’s time to cash in, you’ll get a Hyper Momentum Exit Alert, with full instructions on how to close the trade and maximize your profits.

And to make sure you don’t miss a single play, when I send new Trade Alerts to your inbox you can get instant notifications sent to your phone with my Hyper Momentum Trade Text Alerts.

3. Pile on Even More Profits with
Triple Accelerator Trades

When three critical momentum triggers are firing and momentum is in full swing…

It’s pedal to the metal with Triple Accelerator trades.

These special opportunity trades can boost your profits even more with lightning-fast hits.

It’s how I’ve just racked up 100%... 232%... and 346% in my own account – ALL in less than 24 hours.

Every time the market turns, I expect to see these kinds of Triple Accelerator trades.

We had 15 turns last year. And this year the market looks like it’ll be just as wild.

Which means you’ll have a ton of additional opportunities to pile on the profits.

Couple that with your weekly Hyper Momentum Trade recommendations… and the action is going to be nonstop. 

4. Get My Weekly Action Plan - LIVE

Every week we’ll meet in my live trading room for our Hyper Momentum Profits Call.

This is where I lay out our action plan for the week and how we’re going to play the markets.

We’ll get into market turns… momentum triggers… hyper momentum stocks on my radar… option plays I’m targeting… trade setups... profit projections… and much more.

We’ll even execute trades from time to time.

A unique opportunity to look over my shoulder and trade with me if you want, in real-time.

Every session is recorded and stored inside the Hyper Momentum Trader Vault.

So you’ll never have to worry about missing a beat.

Plus, you’ll get my weekly Hyper Momentum Profits Report email with a summary of the live session and full updates on our trade positions. 

5. Boost Your Results with Hyper Momentum Trader Network

An exclusive online community for our members to connect, learn, and get real-time feedback from each other.

With 24/7 access to a live chat room where you can ask questions, exchange ideas, and celebrate your wins. 

6. Explode Your Profit Potential with ALL My
Hyper Momentum Trading Secrets

Up your trading game and discover how to skyrocket your profits with my complete Hyper Momentum Bonus Intensive.

Inside this new video bootcamp I reveal all the ins and outs hyper momentum trading.

Everything, soup to nuts on how we spot market turns, select hyper momentum stocks, and target the most potent option trades.

As well as trading secrets I personally use to crank up the profits. 

Making Money in Today’s Market Has Never Been Easier...

I’m giving you everything you need to trade with confidence and make a killing with hyper momentum trading.

And I’ll be with you, guiding you every step of the way.

Plus, I’m making it as easy as possible for you to get started by…

One – slashing the price with a $3,000 discount.

Two – adding an instant DOUBLE DISCOUNT today.

That means…

FREE YEAR of Hyper Momentum Trader for 100 Charter Members Today

I’m going all out for my Charter Members today with the most generous offer I’ve ever made.

As a Charter Member you get an additional year of Hyper Momentum Trader on me.

That’s a total of TWO FULL YEARS of hyper momentum recommendations… triple accelerator trades… all the weekly profit calls… all the alerts, research, and updates I’m going to send out for the next 24 months.

I want to reward the action takers – folks who can’t wait to jump in the game and make money.

And to make this a complete no-brainer, I’m throwing in my…

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I guarantee in the next 12 months to show you at least 20 triple-digit opportunities in the model portfolio… that’s 20 shots to double your money or more. That’s at a minimum.

And if I don’t… even if I miss that target by one pick… simply call or email my customer support team, and they’ll issue a full refund.

I’m taking all the risk here. So you have absolutely nothing to lose.

But you must move fast.

This is a one-time-only offer, available to only 100 people today on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Act Now or You May Never Have This Opportunity Again

So let’s not waste another second.

Simply fill out the order form below to secure your spot and get started now, before all the slots fill up.

Today’s market action is a godsend.

And hyper momentum trading is your best shot to profit from it.

You’ve already seen the eye-popping returns.

And with a nonstop flow of my hyper momentum recommendations, triple acceleration plays, plus all my research and analysis coming to you every week – now YOU can get in on the action.

Every market turn is loaded with opportunities to make money hand over fist. And you don’t have to miss a single one – starting today.

Your first two plays are already locked and loaded.

So, let’s get the ball rolling now.

Lock in your spot below.

I can’t wait to see you inside!

Garrett Baldwin
Founder, Hyper Momentum Trader
January 2023

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