I Live for Inflation Like This


Dear Reader,

This is no time to bury your head in the sand.

If you go fully to cash right now and inflation persists, I believe you will lose 38% (OR MORE) of your spending power over the next three years.

Every million dollars you have will be cut to $620,000.

Every $500,000 will be cut to $310,000… $250,000 will be cut to $155,000…

And every $100,000 will be cut to $62,000…

As if you just set your money on fire.

And make no mistake: That’s what WILL happen if you sit back and do nothing.

That’s why I’m excited about chance to bring you on as one of our “partners” here at Total Wealth Investment

So you can have the chance to potentially 200%, 300%, or even FIVE TIMES your money or MORE while the average guy gets crushed.

Millionaires Are Made in Times Like These

And it’s my firm’s mission to show you how to build the BEST portfolio of your entire life… no matter how bad inflation gets.

That’s why I want to send my Beat Inflation Blueprint to you as soon as possible…

So you don’t end up an inflation loser… because it’s just as easy to be an inflation winner instead.

But you’ll need to act fast.

I’m only able to extend the unique terms for this deal to the first 500 people who respond today.

(and the discount is off the charts)

So if you don't get in now... you may not get in at all.

But if you’re one of the few who make it… I’m going to give you amazing plays that soar when prices rise this fast.












Here why’s …

As big as the Fed’s “money printer” is, it can’t print electricity.

It can’t print oil or neodymium.

And it can’t print fertilizer or lithium… or any other physical products that keep the world running.

That means we’re looking at one of the biggest moneymaking opportunities the world has ever seen…

Because COMMODITIES are ALREADY IN A SUPERCYCLE – and today’s high inflation is driving prices much, much higher.

And now – for the first time ever – I’m revealing everything you need to know to potentially make millions on it.


This easy 5-step plan includes:

  • Everything you need to beat inflation and set yourself up for the chance to make huge windfalls regardless of how high inflation goes...
  • Specific strategies the pros use to juice their gains during long periods of high inflation...
  • Step-by-step instructions of how to make these plays...
  • All of the most critical “Inflation-Crusher” moves you need to make right now – including the details on...

Inflation Crusher #1

My #1 Energy Investment for 2022 (and Beyond)

According to the IEA, nuclear power needs to double by 2050 to avert a worldwide crisis. There’s just one problem: Over the next eight years, we’re only going to be producing HALF of the uranium we need to keep the lights on.

Now, a company 22 times smaller than everybody’s go-to uranium source is about to soar. Why?

The fuel they produce is so powerful that just three tablespoons powers your electricity needs for life.

It all adds up to one thing: BIG MONEY!

My Prediction: three to five TIMES your money. That could turn $10,000 into as

Inflation Crusher #2

My #1 Oil Stock

If you think oil prices are high now… you haven’t seen anything yet. Oil is now so tight that even the Biden administration is quietly modeling for $200 oil.

That means this small Texas company is sitting on as much as $32 billion of oil… or EIGHT TIMES its current market cap.

And that’s just the oil. They also have an equal amount of natural gas – which is up 110% this year.

My Prediction: This firm will double or triple. That could turn $10,000 into as much as $30,000 over the next two years.

Inflation Crusher #3

My #1 Mineral Stock

Without neodymium magnets, the entire electric vehicle market would collapse. Now, demand for Neodymium magnets is forecasted to grow 300% by 2035.

That’s why I love this play – because the neodymium they produce is 100% American made.

That’s critical because China banned their export in 2011 and is threatening to do the same thing all over again. And if that happens, all bets are off.

In fact… the last time they pulled this stunt, we saw several 1,000%+ winners in the best-positioned stocks.

My Prediction: On the low end, this inflation crusher could jump as much as 300%. That’s enough to turn every $10,000 you invest into $30,000 in few years.

Inflation Crusher #4

My #1 Ag Stock

Want to know why your food costs so much? The price of fertilizer is up 281% in the last two years and is headed even higher.

That means the only American producer of potash has unlimited potential upside.

Why? Because the last time fertilizer prices went this high, the companies that produced it went on an absolute tear for two years.

LSB Industries went up 341%... Mosaic jumped a massive 1,054%… and CF Industries went up 1,208%.

Now it’s happening all over again.

My Prediction: a double or more over the next two years… or enough to turn every $10,000 invested into $20,000.

Inflation Crusher #5

My Top 3 High-Yield Plays

They include:

  • My “double-winner” lithium play. This miner pays out a 13.42% dividend yield – so for every $10,000 you invest, you’ll receive cash payouts totaling $1,342 a year. When inflation skyrocketed like this 14 years ago, shares jumped 218% in less than two years.
  • My top small-cap oil play trading for under $5 a share. This “midstream” pays out an incredible 9.12% per share.
  • My favorite REIT. This one pays out a steady 5.09% a share. Better yet, 99% of their properties have rent increases built into their contracts – and 60% of them are actually indexed to inflation.

This report by itself is has a value of $700.

But if you’re not one of the 500 people who takes advantage of this special offer, you could be missing out on all of it.

And that would be a real shame… because the key is to get in right now while these plays are still heavily undervalued…

Because if you wait, odds are that they could cost a whole lot more.

Of course, keep in mind stocks go up and stocks go down and there are no guarantees when it comes to investing. So you should never risk than you can afford to.

But we do have thousands of hours of market research into these plays that strongly says otherwise.

And that’s not all I’m going to send you today for free if you say “yes” to this special offer.

In a matter of minutes, you’ll also receive…

Liquid Gold: Two New Ways to Opt Out of the U.S. Dollar

Where you’ll learn:

  • The details on a gold-backed cryptocurrency that could explode into popularity in the coming years…
  • Step-by-step instructions that show you how to buy it…
  • Why this crypto is no “fiat currency” – since it’s 100% backed by physical gold held in vaults in New York…
  • Why this same asset is safe from confiscation by the U.S. government…
  • Plus, everything you need to know about a new debit card that lets you save and spend physical gold every day…
  • And why it’s as instant, secure, and reliable as the cash in your wallet.

This report alone is valued at $150.

But that’s not all. You’ll also receive…

KILL LIST: 25 Failing Companies You Need to Dump NOW

Because let’s face it – this market crash is far from over. Roughly $10 trillion has evaporated in just a few months.

And I believe it’s about to get a lot worse. The scary thing is that some biggest, most well-known names could easily go bust.

We’re talking about total debt junkies – horrendous companies that are getting strangled by higher interest rates… and are probably headed off the cliff.

Unfortunately, every name on the list is one you’ll probably recognize… maybe even own – stocks you thought were “safe.”

But I can tell you – if you get trapped in any of the train wrecks detailed in this report, there’s a good chance your entire savings could be wiped out.

This report alone is valued at $100.

That’s over $900 of high-end investment research that is yours to keep today­ – for free.

All I ask is that you give...

Total Wealth Investment Research a RISK-FREE try.

A test-drive – that’s it… that’s all I’m asking. And everything I showed you today will be yours in a matter of minutes.

Plus… once you decide to become one of our “partners,” you’ll immediately be granted full access to everything else we provide to our subscribers – including:

  • An invitation to join us each month for a LIVE BOARDROOM MEETING where my team and I cover all of the biggest trends in investing.
  • An invitation to join us each Monday for our High-Yield Briefing where you’ll learn about moves that have the potential to dramatically increase your cash flow.
  • Our weekly Trends Report where every Wednesday, we’ll discuss inflation, interest rates, the Fed’s next move, oil prices, and special global situations.
  • Our weekly portfolio review each Friday – so you’ll never have wonder what to do next.
  • PLUS… each week, I’ll be introducing my latest “BUY, SELL, or HOLD” video where I answer popular reader questions about other stocks people may already have in their portfolios.
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  • Then… each month, you’ll receive our own Money Map Report where you’ll receive two new, easy-to-understand stock recommendations every month.

But if you’re not one of the 500 people who joins today… you could be missing out on all of it.

And to make this decision even easier for you…

 I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

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The retail price to become a member is $1,200 a year.

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That saves you an enormous $1,161 immediately… money that you can use any way you wish.

In fact,through this special offer, the cost you’ll pay today is the lowest ever: just $39.00 for a full 52 weeks of recommendations – and more… as you’ll see.

When you consider used to charge my clients over $1,000 an hour for the same kind of investment research, I think you’ll agree… it’s an amazing deal.

All I ask in return is that you simply give us a try. That’s it.

Here’s what I mean…


When you say “yes” today, you’re simply agreeing to TRY our work to see if you like it. Your payment to join Total Wealth Investment Research is refundable at any time during the first 60 days of your subscription if you decide you want to cancel.

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This means there’s no risk to you at all. You keep everything. Think of it as our way of saying thank you for giving Total Wealth Investment Research a try.

If our research hasn’t helped you change your life, boost your bank account, or made a positive impact on your career or business…

Just let us know and we’ll refund every penny of your money…

No questions asked.

But if you want to take advantage of today’s special offer, you have to act now. Over a million people could see this today… so I have no idea how long it will last.

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To your success,

Shah Gilani

Founder, Total Wealth Investment Research

October 2022

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