My Next Three Trade Moves – Yours for $5

The market is on fire.

I opened Google this morning and looked at what the S&P has done over the last six months…

On any given day, about $13.5 trillion is indexed on the S&P.

Losing 20% means over $2.7 trillion went up in smoke.

  • That’s your pension – gone.
  • Your retirement savings – gone.
  • Your peace of mind at living your golden years the way you want – gone.

Now, the Fed is scrambling and raising interest rates to combat rising inflation…

And to top it off, gas prices are higher than they have been since Jimmy Carter was president.

I’m not going to lie – everyday investors like you and me are scared.

I wake up everyday and read the news – and I get angry.

And I hope you do too.

So if we want to fight back against all these global issues, it’s time we tackle this problem ourselves.

That’s why I want to help…

By giving you my next three stock picks for just $5.

Now, none of these picks will change your life…

But each one offers you a REAL chance to put REAL money in your pocket…

And each could be the start of building a winning portfolio that can withstand the bear market we’re now facing.

Let me tell you a little bit more about these trades…

Trade #1: One of America’s biggest retailers

On May 18, 2022, the company reported that it missed quarterly expectations, and the stock dropped 25% – its worst day since 1987.

So then, why am I so excited?

Because after one serious overreaction, we now have a fantastic opportunity to pick up shares of one of America’s best retailers – at rock-bottom prices.

Despite the “setback,” this company is still expected to generate revenue of $100 billion this year.

And its sales climbed 3X higher than what Bloomberg predicted.

I now have a plan in place to earn 100% profits by January – and I can show you exactly how you can too.

And the next stock could be even better...

Trade #2: A global e-commerce giant

From global supply chain breakdowns and COVID-19 crackdowns, the past 18 months have been particularly tough for this next pick.

But those issues are now resolving – and as China is set to roll back its sanctions, now is the time to strike on this sleeping dragon.

In May, the company reported better-than-expected fiscal fourth-quarter results, and the stock jumped 14.78% in a single session on the news.

And for the quarter, it said that it earned $32.2 billion in revenue.

But that’s just a small jump compared to what market analysts and Bloomberg think is coming next.

It’s not often you get to make a trade this big on one of the world’s largest companies.

Let me show you how I plan to earn 100% profits on this one move by October.

Now, as for trade #3 – that one is special – and I’m only sharing that information with the people who act today…

And it’s important that you do act today.

Because while the S&P is down close to 20% today…

Since the start of 2022…

My readers have closed on 19 winners…

And earned average returns of 24% in 453 days.

Today, I’m coming to you with an axe, a hose, and the cheapest – yet most effective – fire insurance that I can.

These are the best trades that I can find on the market right now – and they potentially offer you the safest returns.

My first rule of investing has always been: Never pay full price for anything.

Now, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and…

Offering you a 98% discount off the price of a full year.

Don’t miss out on savings like this.

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Shah Gilani
Chief Investment Strategist, Money Map Report
July 2022

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