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Trading the close through it all using my Bear Market Survival strategies

What members are saying…

“NT Alerts expand my capabilities to trade more often”

“59% in one month, enables me to have fun”

“113% in 5 days, feel more comfortable about retirement”

These are just the experiences of some of our happiest readers. Not all trades will be winners like these. Some will only break even, and some will lose.

What Makes Night Trader Unique?

I created Night Trader with two main goals in mind:

  1. To show you how to potentially put extra money in your pocket in the next 30 days, and…
  2. To give you at least another 100 chances to double your money after that.

That’s why I’m firing up my “big guns” on your behalf every single week – doing the work FOR you because I know you’re busy.

Look, I know sometimes trading takes hard work.

And there are plenty of other experts – like Kenny Glick – whipping out day-trades like nobody’s business.

And that works well for him – but for most people, that’s simply too fast and stressful.

Here in the Night Trader community, we like to do a lot of “set it and forget it” trades…

You know, the type of trade you don’t need to worry about every single day.

Once it is entered, you just set a target and walk away…

Easy as could be.

And when you join now, you’ll instantly gain access to my latest report…

Bear Market Survival Guide

My Night Trader members know that the market has been treading on thin ice since the start of 2022.

Between the Fed halting further pandemic-era cash injections, inflation, and more, the end of our decade-long bull market is imminent.

But I’m here to tell you that this reality shouldn’t scare you in the least, especially using several key strategies I use to profit in some of the “worst” market conditions.

As a Night Trader member, you’ll get the first look at my Bear Market Survival Guide, outlining our exact strategy for thriving in the next downturn.

It’s all part of a series of exclusive special reports that I’m going to continue uploading for members each time the market conditions change.

That way, you’re ready for literally anything.

By signing up today, you’re also guaranteed access to a special chapter I’m adding next week detailing how to trade earnings during a bear market.

This report provides the critical information you need to build a solid foundation during the next 20% rockslide we’re likely headed for – right in the middle of earnings season.

We’re already in the middle of implementing many of these strategies.

That’s played a major role in our recent successes in trading.

Speaking of which, I don’t want to hide a single thing from you.

I only want you coming in to Night Trader with a clear idea of what to expect.

That’s why I’ve posted my 2022 closed portfolio as of March 8, 2022, just for you below.

Portfolio Transparency

Check it out!

Most traders show you the gains, but I want you to see for yourself what a realistic trading portfolio looks like.

Sure, it may not be quite as exciting to see a few losses…

But I’m proving to you that I’m the real deal.

And real traders win and lose.

With that said, what I’m offering is to show you exactly how the Wall Street elite actually trade.

Since the start of 2022, the S&P 500 has fallen roughly 13%.

And there were some big winners in there.

Just take a look for yourself…

Had you been part of Night Trader, you would have had the chance to score…

  • A 50% gain on Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F) in one day…
  • A 100% gain PayPal Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq:PYPL) in seven days…
  • A 108% gain on Bank of America Corp. (NYSE:BAC) in eight days…
  • A 185% gain on Invesco QQQ ETF (Nasdaq:QQQ) in just over one day…
  • And so much more.

Once again, you can see all my wins and losses right up above – so you know not every trade will go our way.

That’s just the nature of trading – even the best technical analysis can’t foresee every single unexpected action.

But my point is that I’m sharing with you some of the smartest money moves on the block.

And now, you can access them too.

Market Close LIVE Trading Sessions

You’ll have a chance to join me LIVE in our exclusive Night Trader Club Room at 3:30 p.m. (ET) Monday through Thursday every week.

The first half hour is mostly business…

After all, we only have a limited time to get our last few trades of the day in before that market bell rights.

As the old saying goes: Amateurs trade the open, and pros trade the close.

In the morning, speculators are running wild.

Compare that to the afternoon where technical traders like myself are busy reading exactly what the data is telling us.

I’m pulling up the charts that matter most and helping you find the next big trade to add to our portfolio.

And once the market is closed, there is still plenty of time to review the charts you want to go over…

That way, you have a leg up the next morning when you’re looking to place your own trades.

We talk about all the “technicals” – everything from Bollinger Bands to moving averages and more.

I like to think of it as our way of tuning out the media hype and paying attention to what the vital signs are actually telling us.

Commentators on the cable news are there for one purpose – entertainment…

And although my Night Trader members have a serious funny bone, we’re in this community to actually do the work and get paid for it.

Even when I’m not live, there’s still a place you can go to get support from your fellow traders…

24/7 Night Trader Chat Room

Right inside the private Chat Room, you’re invited to chat with fellow traders.

Any and every investing-related question you have, you’ll be able to shoot me a message about it – or crowdsource any ideas from your fellow Night Trader members.

Some of my best trades have come from the Chat Room.

I also use the Chat Room to send any urgent Trade Alerts.

If we need to quickly adapt to the market, make sure to check the Chat Room for any instructions.

Text Message Alerts

If you’re always on the run, I’ve got you with optional text message updates.

Whenever we need to make a quick entry into a profitable trade, you’ll receive a text message letting you know it’s time to take action.

It is the fastest way I know of to make sure you stay in the loop on the go.

And that’s more necessary than ever, because…

Today, Stocks Move Fast

This isn’t your dad’s way of investing anymore…

I hate to break it to you, but if you aren’t using data analytics to trade – you’re practically living in the Stone Age.

Since conditions are changing more rapidly than ever, we must update our tools if we want to continue profiting from the market.

In Night Trader, I provide the tools for you.

If You Want to Be Sure You Can Access Our Next Live Trading Session, You Need to Take Action NOW

There is only a limited time before the next 20% megamarket move begins rolling in.

And right now, until my countdown clock strikes zero, you have an opportunity to get 1 month of Night Trader for the lowest price I’ve ever offered.

That should get you through the majority of this upcoming earnings season.

And if you click off this page, you might never see a deal like this again.

You saw my portfolio – I’m dishing out plenty of winners.

A copy of my Bear Market Survival Guide and the Night Trader community is waiting for you!

And all you have to do is sign up below.

I look forward to seeing you in our next trade-the-close session!

To your success,

Chris Johnson
Founder, Night Trader
April 2022

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