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  • The global multibillion-dollar race for hypersonic technology supremacy
  • Why the Department of Defense is making its development top priority…
  • The most important players competing to supply America’s arsenal…
  • The small company leading the hypersonic missile race with potential 7,103% sales growth by 2030

Hi, Michael Robinson here – director of technology and venture capital research at Money Morning.

You yourself have already seen it… heard about it… you KNOW it…

We’re now entering the “Era of Hyperpower.”

Putin’s super weapons: Moscow gives us a new look at its future arsenal


China’s hypersonic glider weapons test threatens to drive new arms race

~ The Guardian

Analysis: why north korea’s hypersonic missile test is troubling


America’s enemies are on a race to develop a new and powerful tech…

All using hypersonic propulsion – which allows missiles to travel five times the speed of sound or more.

Hypersonic is now the number-one priority for the United States

All because Putin and his buddies are claiming THEY’RE deploying this revolutionary tech.

But news flash, Vlad: This is America. Land of the free home of the brave.

No one in the world will develop better technology than the United States…

And that’s even more true with defense technology.

It’s all thanks to the high levels of innovation coming from American entrepreneurs and the free enterprise from which we built this country.

It’s no different today than it was 200 years ago… hypersonic technology is another notch on the belt.

And one little-known American company is leading the way in this race.

It could be the biggest winner in this space…

With 72X projected sales growth by 2030.


The Era of Hyperpower

The technology found inside these hypersonic weapons is jaw dropping. It allows them to travel an unheard-of five miles per second – warping to 15,300 mph.

That's more than 20 times the speed of sound...

Five times faster than a cruise missile.

This makes them capable of penetrating defenses…

And much harder to track and shoot down than conventional ballistic missiles, which follow a predictable parabolic track.

This means traditional defense systems – even the most advanced in the world – have no chance to detect them.

North Korea, China, and Russia have completed successful hypersonic weapons tests.

China’s test in August 2021 surprised U.S. military officials with how advanced the technology was.

North Korea successfully tested a hypersonic missile in January.

And Russia is all over the news for using these advanced weapons on Ukraine right now.

So the Department of Defense is putting hypersonic tech as one of the highest priorities.

And the budget to catch up our adversaries keeps getting bigger and bigger…

The Pentagon’s FY2022 budget request for hypersonic research is $3.8 billion – up from $3.2 billion in the FY2021 request.

It's part of $12.6 billion in planned hypersonic spending through 2025.

And one tiny company could see the lion’s share of this spend…

America’s #1 Hypersonic Defense Company 

  1. It has been developing hypersonic tech for more than a decade.
  1. Despite having only $3.1 billion in market cap, it is one of biggest players developing hypersonic weapons of all defense contractors.
  1. Lockheed Martin tried to buy it for $4.4 billion but was stopped by the government… because it would almost corner the entire hypersonic market.

That means that right now, this company holds the keys to billions in potential contracts.

It Could Be Looking at an Astounding 7,103% in Sales Growth in the Coming Decade

I’ve seen this before…

Lockheed began as a little 95-cent stock before the Reagan buildup... then absolutely exploded up to 46,952% supergains.

General Dynamics was a little boat company that took off on the submarine technology that helped win the Cold War – eventually rewarding early investors with up to 34,328%.

And Boeing's long run of success has paid out 22,042% to their earliest investors.

And that’s not all that I reveal in my new book…

America Is Ready to Fight Back 

I also unveil the companies that are stepping up to boost our country’s defense…

And will take you behind the scenes and disclose information about:

  • The company developing laser guns to counter hypersonic weapons from our enemies that could offer triple-digit gains in just one year...
  • Another creating a superweapon called the "railgun" – a cannon without explosives that Gives you the chance to bank gains as high as 1,869% for years to come...
  • The one firm our military can't fight the next war without – it's so important that it could be doubling every few years
  • And the business that is crucial to our naval capabilities… it has built more ships for the U.S. Navy than any other… and has the potential to triple in the next decade.

That’s all in my book…

Including price projections and the ticker symbols of every company.

I speak from experience…

As a board member and senior strategist, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm has allowed me to take part in some of the most exciting defense technology breakthroughs of the last three decades.

I very proudly worked on President Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative – which gave us the missile defense systems we rely on today.

My work has even been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize…

Now, all my best research is within your reach.

The Era of Hyperpower

I need to be clear: You won’t find this book or anything within it on Amazon, other websites, or any brick-and-mortar stores.

And today – only for Money Morning readers – I’m willing to go the extra mile.

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So please, don’t waste another minute…

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Best regards,

Michael Robinson
Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research, Nova-X Report
May 2022

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