The Quantum Age Starts Now!

With $8 Trillion up for Grabs, It’s Time to Secure Your Ground-Floor Stake Today!

URGENT ALERT: As you saw today, the Quantum Age is underway.

The pace is accelerating even faster than we expected…

And now we’ve got breaking news right out of the gate.

That’s why you need to act immediately to secure a shot at a 500%–1,000% winner in the next 12 months.

As you know, the first quantum pure play in history just began trading days ago. 

In a behind-the-scenes move, Google has taken a massive stake in the tiny startup that created the Infinity Chamber. 

Google made their move quietly. 

No fanfare. No press release. No announcement whatsoever.

The only reason we caught it: At over 21.9 million shares, Google’s stake is so massive that they were required to file a 13G form with the SEC.

Make no mistake: This is the first domino to fall.

Remember, Google is already reselling this tiny company’s quantum services. But they aren’t the only ones… 

In the coming days, we could see other competitors including Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM all swarm this tiny company.

That’s over $5.2 Trillion in Market Cap Vying for Control of This Tiny Startup!

The bottom line is: The share price could skyrocket before the general public knows what’s happening.

Folks who act now could see the stock double, triple, or even quadruple fast – in a matter of weeks. 

And that’s only the beginning… 

At the center of the quantum frenzy sits the tiny quantum startup that created the Infinity Chamber.

Keep in mind that this company has produced the most powerful quantum computer in the world, a 32-qubit masterpiece that has the competition reeling.

Not only is their quantum computer 158 million times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer but it’s also 16,000 times more powerful than their next-nearest quantum competitor. 

In fact, it’s so powerful that they’ve already simulated the water molecule, opening the door to completely disrupting the $1.2 trillion pharmaceutical industry.

And with 60 patents and applications protecting their advantage, they are in a dominant position. 

Already, savvy billionaires – including Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and Mark Benioff – have jumped on board.

Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM are all scrambling to resell this company’s quantum services via the cloud…

And now Google has quietly snapped up a massive $200 million stake in this tiny startup.

From where I sit, there is no way IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon are going to let Google take control.

In the coming days, we could see an aggressive bidding war send this tiny startup’s shares into orbit…

Making this your chance to cram a decade of wealth building into a few short weeks.


Today, I’ve Got Two Fantastic Ways for You to Play This Historic Opportunity!

QUANTUM PLAY #1: AGGRESSIVE! For folks who want to take a more speculative angle and don’t mind volatility, you can play this quantum opportunity with a special security that has shown rare and exceptional gains inside the tech sector, including:

  • 2,700% on Stem in about 18 months
  • 8,280% on Danimer Scientific in less than 12 months
  • 9,075% on Beam Global in less than 1 year

QUANTUM PLAY #2: TRADITIONAL! For folks who prefer a more traditional approach, you can simply buy this tiny startup’s stock, sit back, and enjoy the ride! We project a potential 1,000% gain within 12 months using this traditional approach.

To help you get in fast, I’ve put all the details in a special investment briefing: The 100X Quantum Age: The Tiny Startup Launching a Revolution!

It’s waiting for you right now at the Quantum Infinity Hub – along with a bonanza of mind-blowing quantum resources, including:

  • Cutting-Edge Videos!
  • Quantum Demonstrations!
  • Instructive Animations! 
  • One-on-One Interviews with Industry Insiders!
  • Quantum Experiments!

Plus, you can also expect an ongoing flow of quantum investment plays coming down the pike, any one of which could show you a shot at 100%, 500% – even 1,000% or more.

The best news of all: The Quantum Infinity Hub is only a small part of your Nova-X experience…

Welcome to Nova-X

Your Personal Venture Capital Experience!

It’s an indisputable fact: The biggest fortunes in history come from technologies that create paradigm shifts. And I want you to tap into the wealth from every major technological revolution underway right now.

That’s why I created Nova-X. And it’s why we only focus on five fast-moving sectors – each with the potential to grow 100X in the coming decade.

Keep in mind that I’ve been in Silicon Valley for 37 years. I’ve been a senior advisor to 12 early-stage startups…

Plus, I’ve served as a board member to a venture capital fund. 

In short, I understand what it takes to identify up-and-coming opportunities that can create staggering personal wealth.

As a Nova-X Member, You’ll Enjoy 24/7 Access to Our Five Proprietary Investment Hubs!

Each of these five hubs presents a full-immersion experience into a technology poised to change the world.

Plus, I’ve armed all five hubs with the resources, inside access, and expertise to help you get in on early-stage plays BEFORE they become public sensations. 

We started with the Quantum Infinity Hub. So let me introduce you to the additional opportunities waiting for you right now…

The Crypto Hub!

Market Projection: $100 Trillion

Today’s Opportunity: 750% Potential Gain 

Crypto is becoming the backbone for a new age of online commerce. It’s used for everything from Fortune 500 companies to securing digital art. And now one former Goldman Sachs executive believes crypto could be a $100 trillion market. 

You can be sure that the VCs are not going to miss out. In fact, in the first half of 2021, they poured a staggering $17 billion into crypto opportunities. 

I strongly suggest you join them!

The Nova-X Crypto Hub is designed to help folks harness the power of the digital currency movement.

Of course, this won’t be the first time I’ve shown folks big potential in the crypto markets. In fact, back in 2013, I recommended Bitcoin at $90.

In early 2021, it hit over $61,000…

That’s a staggering 67,000% gain potential for folks who took my recommendation and held it for the duration.

That’s good enough to turn $10,000 into $6.7 million, and the crypto play I’m now tracking could be just as lucrative. 

This new crypto play opens the door to the mass acceptance of cryptocurrency.

Remember, Bitcoin can only process about seven transactions per second. That’s far too slow to handle billions of people spending trillions of dollars.

This new crypto play can handle 65,000 transactions per second – over 9,000 times faster than Bitcoin.

That’s the kind of speed that could transform crypto into a $100 trillion industry. I believe it could show early investors a shot at a 750% gain in the coming year.

All the details are in my special investment briefing called The High-Speed Crypto Sensation Ready to Move Billions!

It’s absolutely free and waiting for you at the Crypto Hub – along with vast array of fascinating resources, interviews, and market analysis.

The Power Hub!

Market Projection: $48 Trillion in New Investment

Today’s Opportunity: 400-Fold Potential Revenue Surge

Power makes the world go ‘round. And the IEA says that to meet global demand, we need $48 trillion in new investments by 2050.

In short, the moneymaking opportunities in the power sector are going to come fast and furious – from traditional energy sources to climate tech, green energy, batteries, and not to mention an onslaught of pick-and-shovel plays.

And it’s heating up fast. In fact, in August 2021 alone, two venture capital funds poured over $12 billion into the space.

The time is now! And to kick it off, we’ve isolated a tremendous opportunity that could show folks a 400-fold revenue surge in the coming 12 months.

This company uses artificial intelligence to maximize energy efficiency. Their software is so cutting edge that it’s already being used by over 30 Fortune 500 companies – including Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook. 

With a potential 400-fold revenue surge on the horizon, this company could give folks a shot at a quick triple-digit winner – maybe a whole lot more.

All the details are in our special investment briefing The Maximum Power Titan: 440-Fold Revenue Surge on the Horizon!

It’s yours absolutely free at the POWER HUB! 

The Digitization Hub!

Market Projection: $19.6 Trillion

Today’s Opportunity: 490% Potential Upside

As you may have noticed, our entire lives are becoming digital – from online shopping to Uber rides to Zoom conference calls…

And yet e-commerce still only accounts for 14% of all retail sales. 

In other words, the growth potential is massive!

Going forward, we are going to see old-guard brick-and-mortar companies largely replaced by online alternatives that are faster and less expensive.

Instead of taking an entire afternoon to visit your doctor, you’ll be able to do a telemedicine appointment from the comfort of your own home…

Instead of racking up massive debt to attend college, students will be able to get a quality teleeducation for a fraction of the cost…

In short, the opportunities to make money in digitization are hitting at warp speed.

That’s what the Digitization Hub is all about – to help you ride this rush online for a flood of big, fast wins.

To kick things off, we’ve got a sizzling-hot play right out of the gate. 

This online commerce company ran $119 billion through its platform in a single year. The incredible thing is that this company touches a mere tenth of one percent of websites globally. We’re talking about nearly 1,000-fold growth potential, and folks who move fast could have a shot at a 490% winner in the coming year.

Everything you need to know is included in our special investment briefing called The New Amazon Speeding toward a Trillion-Dollar Business!

Of course, it’s yours free and is waiting for you now at our Digitization Hub – along with an arsenal of resources that are as mind-blowing and highly lucrative. 

Get there fast!

The Biotech Hub!

Market Projection: $8 Trillion per Year

Today’s Opportunity: 660% Upside Potential

Medical breakthroughs that once took years to develop are moving at record speed. That means we’re now seeing a bounty of highly lucrative seed-level plays coming down the pike.

Keep in mind that my team and I have already given folks a shot at big wins in the biotech space. In fact, on November 15, 2020, my team recommended Mind Medicine at 90 cents a share. Just about 30 days later, we told folks to cash out at $3.50 a share. That’s a 284% gain in one month on a third of the position!

The play I’m now tracking could put that win to shame. In fact, this company is already transforming the biotech space. Not only did their breakthrough mRNA technology help Pfizer develop a COVID-19 vaccine but they are now applying mRNA to other diseases – including a revolutionary cancer vaccine! To help folks secure an early position, we’ve put together a special investment briefing called The Universal Vaccine! Get it now – absolutely free – at the Biotech Hub!

The great part is that the Investment Hubs are only the beginning of your Nova-X experience. Let me show you everything you’ll get...


Your Guide to Fast-Breaking Technology Developments!

The world of technology never sleeps. And to make the big money over and over again, you need to stay on top of breakthroughs as they unfold!

That’s why as a Nova-X Member, you’ll get our Daily Action Alerts – keeping you abreast of what’s happening in Silicon Valley and beyond…

And I can assure you that the sheer abundance of opportunity will be nonstop.

For example, here’s what a week might look like…

Monday, you receive a Video Briefing with a new investment recommendation from our Digitization Hub.

Tuesday, you get an alert notifying you about a new climate tech play we put on our watchlist at the Power Hub.

Wednesday, a Profit Alert is released instructing you to close out a play and lock in any profits at our Crypto Hub.

Thursday, you are notified of a comprehensive special briefing on a new medical breakthrough at our Biotech Hub.

Friday, we close out the week with a special Takeover Alert at our Quantum Infinity Hub!

And on the weekends, we’ll give you a succinct breakdown of the week ahead – so you always know what to expect! 


But don’t worry! 

My team and I will monitor EVERYTHING and give you concise, detailed instructions any time you need to make a move.

I promise you: Nova-X will be easy, stress-free, highly lucrative, and a whole lot of fun! 

Here’s my favorite part: As a Nova-X member, you’ll be part of something truly special… 

Nova-X: Your Own Venture Capital Community! 

In fact, as a Nova-X member, you’ll enjoy a thriving community of like-minded individuals who understand the power of early-stage investing.

We’ve built the Nova-X community to be highly interactive and participatory… a place where members enhance other members’ Nova-X experiences.

That’s why our Nova-X Online Forum is open 24/7. Think of it as a place for you to connect with other members… rub shoulders with industry insiders and technology veterans… share your thoughts and insights on the latest breakthroughs to hit Silicon Valley… debate the latest buzz coming from the VCs on Sand Hill Road… and even boast about winning plays!

In addition, you can expect an array of special community events. Of course, some of these events will be online via Zoom. And as conditions permit, we’ll begin holding live events – including an annual Nova-X Summit.

Nova-X Is like Getting Five Full-Blown Advisory Services for ONE LOW PRICE. The Value Is Extraordinary!” 

As you can see, Nova-X is unlike any research service on the planet. 

In fact, with 24/7 access to each of our five members-only Investment Hubs, plus all the extraordinary benefits, Nova-X is like getting five unique services for the price of one.

Not only will you be enjoying a full-immersion experience in the five hottest tech sectors on the planet but you’ll also be getting an ongoing flood of early-stage picks – any one of which could give you a shot at 50%... 100%... 500%... even 1,000% or more.

I think you’ll agree: You get so much as a Nova-X member that it’s hard to keep track!

So let me give you a quick summary of everything you get:

  • 24/7 access to all five Investment Hubs!

    • The Quantum Infinity Hub!
    • The Crypto Hub!
    • The Power Hub!
    • The Biotech Hub!
    • The Digitization Hub!
  • Instant access to five special investment briefings!

    • #1: The 100X Quantum Age: The Tiny Startup Launching a Revolution!
    • #2: The New Amazon Speeding toward a Trillion-Dollar Business!
    • #3: The Universal Vaccine!
    • #4: The Maximum Power Titan: 440-Fold Revenue Surge on the Horizon!
    • #5: The High-Speed Crypto Sensation Ready to Move Billions!
  • Daily Action Alerts including video recommendations, Profit Alerts, watchlist notifications, and so much more!
  • Nova-X Online Forum!
  • Nova-X Hotline!
  • Nova-X Annual Summit!

As you can see, what I’m offering you today is extraordinary…

Which is why when I ran this offering by industry experts, they all agreed the value of a Nova-X membership easily exceeds $5,000 a year.

Put $4,960 Back in Your Pocket Today!

The good news is that if you are among the first to give Nova-X a risk-free try today, you can save more than $4,960 and lock in a Nova-X membership for as little as $79 a year!

That’s right… 

For about 10 cents a day, you can get a full year of Nova-X – loaded with all the extraordinary features and priceless benefits I’ve outlined above.

This is an incredible value. And quite frankly, I’m not sure how long I can offer this deeply discounted pricing. So please, lock in your space today. 

And to make this a complete NO-BRAINER for you, I’m offering this opportunity with a 100% DOUBLE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. 


Go ahead and lock in your Nova-X membership. Get access to the Quantum Infinity Hub. Get the details on the tiny quantum startup that’s poised for a 130,000% revenue surge. Dive deep into each of our five Investment Hubs. Watch the fascinating videos. Check out the insider videos. And most importantly, grab a position in each of the five investment plays waiting for you now. 

If during the first 60 days you aren’t completely thrilled with your Nova-X experience, just say the word, and I’ll refund your entire subscription fee.


And let’s take it a step further. If during the next 12 months you don’t see at least 25 double-digit or more exits from Nova-X in the Model Portfolio, just contact my team, and we’ll give you an entire second year of Nova-X absolutely free.

In other words, either you get 25 or more opportunities to close out 50%, 100% – even 500% or more – profits over the next year or you get a second year free.

And here’s the best part…

Even If You Cancel Nova-X for Any Reason, YOU KEEP EVERYTHING! 

That includes details on the tiny quantum startup as well as the five special bonus plays…

I think you’ll agree: That’s as fair as it gets. But you must move fast.

Don’t Let This Historic Opportunity Get Away from You! 

This tiny startup is the first pure quantum play in history to begin trading. I expect major players to rush in with guns blazing. And already, Google has stormed the opportunity – gobbling up a $200 million stake in this tiny company. 

In the coming days, we could see other global titans – specifically, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM – rushing in to offset Google’s edge.

As a result, this tiny startup’s share price could go absolutely vertical – doubling, tripling, or even quadrupling in the coming weeks.

In other words, folks who hesitate could miss the early surge. That’s why I urge you to take your position now – so you can maximize your shot at a monster win.

And here’s the kicker: The tiny quantum startup is preparing a major announcement that could compress a year’s worth of upside into a matter of hours.

Please don’t wait!

With my 100% Money-Back Guarantee, you can try everything out risk-free for 60 days. That’s two full months to decide if Nova-X is for you. If you decide to cancel for any reason, you get your money back – and you keep everything!

History is in the making, and this time next week, you could be celebrating. 

But if you miss out, you could be kicking yourself for years to come.

Come on board now. You’ll be so glad you did…


Michael Robinson signature

Michael Robinson
Director of Technology and Venture Capital Research, Nova-X Report
December 2021


This STANDARD Package Includes:
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  • 24/7 Access to All Five Investment Hubs!

    • The Quantum Infinity Hub!
    • The Crypto Hub!
    • The Power Hub!
    • The Biotech Hub!
    • The Digitization Hub!
  • Instant Access to Five Special Investment Briefings!

    • #1: The 100X Quantum Age: The Tiny Startup Launching a Revolution!
    • #2: The New Amazon Speeding toward a Trillion-Dollar Business!
    • #3: The Universal Vaccine!
    • #4: The Maximum Power Titan: 440-Fold Revenue Surge on the Horizon! 
    • #5: The High-Speed Crypto Sensation Ready to Move Billions! 
  • Daily Action Alerts including New Investment Recommendations, Video Alerts, Watchlist Notifications, Breaking News Alerts, and so much more!
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  • Nova-X Online Forum!
  • Nova-X Hotline!
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