Most People Are Scared of This Market, But…
The Peak Yield Investor Strategy Is Designed for It.

My Commitment to You: 30% Returns
Every Year during the Recession

Tim Melvin here.

I want to thank you for joining me and Shah today. As you surely know by now, we have just entered one of the darkest global recessions on record.

Not since Word War II have we experienced a global economy of this nature. The headliner tech stocks that have driven us to market highs have now shed more than $2.4 trillion in value across just four stocks.

American retirement accounts have been wiped out to the tune of more than $3 trillion.

Couple that with the fact that gas is $5 per gallon, food prices are up 15% worldwide, and the fact that we’re deep in the midst of an energy crisis, and we have to face reality.

At this rate, if you are over the age of 40 and do not have at least $1 million in the bank today, you will not retire on time.

That’s just a mathematical fact.

That’s unless you make some significant moves today.

Step 1: Purge the “dead money” from your portfolio. We already named five dead-weight companies to shed tonight.

Step 2: Move your money quickly to where capital “supershifts” are flowing. Those are the high-value companies in “primary need” sectors we reviewed:

Energy providers who are reversing the federal government’s underinvestment in oil and natural gas – providing priceless diesel to keep America’s industries afloat while Russia holds the rest of the world in a vice grip.

Homebuilders who are targeting high-growth markets and providing homes that real people can afford (instead of the million-dollar McMansions Wall Street has been floating for seven years).

Chipmakers like Intel and Micron who are bringing production back to the United States and removing China’s control of our cars, computers, and hundreds of other key products we need every day.

Warehouses who are healing a major fracture in our supply chain: the fact that we don’t have goods on the ground. This is a yearslong problem, but I’m targeting the companies that will make the biggest difference right away.

Step 3: Park your money in companies that will benefit from sky-high inflation – namely, banks.

My plan is to double down over the next five years as we get further into the recession.

Here’s this tested strategy’s undefeated track record. Take a look…

65 positions. 65 winners.
Average closed gain: 84.35%.

Based on my backtest, this strategy has made:

Over that time frame, $10,000 invested in this approach would be worth over $1.5 million.

Now, we’re entering markets creating unprecedented tailwinds for investments of this nature. While high interest rates crater tech stocks, they send banks to the moon…

Higher interest rates
Higher margins
Higher profits for banks.

So the 25% annual average this strategy has historically returned is actually a conservative estimate when you consider how the markets will evolve over the next several years. Not buying high-yield bank stocks at current levels is a blatant statement that you don’t want to make money in the stock market.

And that brings me to an important point…

The recession we just entered will NOT be a blip on our financial radars – far from it.

We have entered a global multiyear recession.

Most investors won’t acknowledge this. In fact, many “trusted” news sources won’t even acknowledge it.

At Peak Yield Investor, we’re prepared for what’s coming. We’ll be investing in valuable businesses that are solving real economic problems in this country right now.

These initiatives – combined with my proven strategy to yield consistent income in down markets – make me fully confident I can make this promise to you today…

The mission of Peak Yield Investor


Gain per Year for the next 2 Years


Double Our Wealth by the End of the Recession


Quadruple Our Portfolio in 4 Years

The clearest path to achieve this mission is by taking decisive action today.

According to the Federal Reserve: If you’re following the way of the average retiree, you should have about $255,000 in your account today.

But we also know that based on recession data, the S&P will be shedding 3.3% each year for the next five years. For you, that means losing $8,422 in the next 12 months… losing $16,565 more by 2023… then $24,440 after that… onward to total losses of nearly $40,000 by the time this recession is over.

Then, there’s the 30% Peak Yield Investor Strategy. Here’s my personal compound growth plan over the next five years, beginning with the mean retirement balance of $255,200:

Just take a look… here’s me vs. the S&P.

Here’s how I plan to achieve our mission.

Recession Action Plan

This contains every single investment we covered today.

These are powerful, actionable investments you can – AND SHOULD – make right now to prepare for the global recession.

But like we’ve said several times so far, today is just the setup. We’re about to witness YEARS of global economic turmoil – geopolitical upheaval, ongoing war and sanctions, inflation without limit…

There’s no end in sight.

Rip Cord List

If you see a high P/S ratio and no profits… it’s time to pull the rip cord. I have a total of 80 stocks that qualify here, and I’m willing to bet very good money that you own some of them right now. Dump them ASAP. We already covered…

I have 75 more locked and loaded…

This is your immediate set of actions to take. However, it’s just the start.

I do not view this situation with a short-term lens. You shouldn’t either.

As a result, I do not want to invite you on this journey with me only for the short term.

With the recession lasting years – with America’s crises needing years more to resolve – spending a few months or even just one year together is NOT ENOUGH TIME.

I am personally in this for the long haul – at least three years… if not more.

We have to be.

Below, you’ll see that a membership to my new research service – Peak Yield Investor – will not be limited to just 90 days. Today, you have the chance to be by my side for an entire year.

Join me today and for the next 12 months, you will have the rights to…

Weekly LIVE sessions with me and your fellow Peak Yield Investor members

We’ll be doing active Model Portfolio management – because listen: I’m investing in EVERY SINGLE pick I mentioned today. And I’ll be tracking them (and others) for the next 12 months – or longer – however long the recession lasts. Once a week is how we’ll start off, but I’ll be on the line eight hours a day – every day the market is open if we need it. I might even call a subscribers-only emergency session if the markets call for it.

Monthly LIVE strategy sessions with me and my network of experts

I’ve spent 35 years in the financial markets. Before entering the world of private research, I was vice president of Ferris Baker Watts, a boutique investment firm, where I specialized in deep value investing – the exact strategy set to perform at its best right now. In that time, I’ve built a network of reliable colleagues who will be joining us to share their profitable insights and strategies.

Ongoing Special Situation Techniques

It’s important to me that everyone involved in Peak Yield Investor is versed in all possible income-generating techniques available. With that in mind, I will be hosting ongoing sessions to walk you through creative, low-risk income investments. Another strategy we’ll explore is shorting – a great approach to huge gains in this market.

24/7 Portfolio Management Alerts

The portfolio we’re going to create together is deeply important to me. If you invest in my recommendations, then what happens to your money is also happening to mine. I’m in it with you – with investments that are high yield, deep value, and in some cases, unconventional. I’ll be watching our positions like a hawk. If anything happens that you need to know, I will alert you – day or night… weekends… I don’t care. You’ll know about it.

I will never tell you to invest in something that I won’t put my own money into.

The next several years are going to be a wild ride. Many people are going to lose a lot of money because they either don’t see what’s happening… or choose to ignore it. I understand it’s hard to accept such a massive market shift.

But it IS happening.

Within 12 months… I see inflation continuing at a very high level. Food and energy costs are not going to come down based on Fed activity. These are shortages that have been developing for some time, and they will not end quickly. The supply chain will only get worse. Again, problems created over years are not going to be fixed in a few months.

At 24 months out… we’re looking at what will likely be one of the most contentious presidential elections in modern history. We’re going to have to deal with that AND all the complications and implications for the financial markets… on top of what we’re seeing right now.

At 36 months… we have to be concerned about developing geopolitical issues. China is increasingly making threatening overtures toward Taiwan and other smaller countries in that region of the world. Any attempt to take Taiwan by force will be yet another event that sets the table for World War III.

While most people will be on the wrong side of these events,
we’ll be looking to make money.

Every single recommendation I send you over the next 12 months will also go into my personal portfolio.

So now, it’s decision time.

Join me, subscribe, and become a Peak Yield Investor member. We’ll be on the right side of the markets, targeting 30% a year to double your money by the end of the recession.

We will use strategies that are tried and true. I’ve been personally investing with this approach for decades. I never lose, and I have no reason to change my strategy now.

You can become a member today for an entire year for just $5,000.

Or you can follow the “standard” advice from financial advisors, track the market, and watch your retirement dreams go up in smoke while you risk losing 3.3% per year.

You’ve just seen what the difference between those return rates – adding 30% per year or losing 3.3% per year – can do to the average retirement account.

We’re talking about tens of thousands – even hundreds of thousands – of dollars on the right (or wrong) side of your account.

The ball is in your court.

I hope to see you and all the other Peak Yield Investor members at our next Portfolio Management Meeting.

Tim Melvin
Co-Founder, Peak Yield Investor
June 2022

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