The Federal Reserve is DONE stimulating the economy.

This decision is going to shoot a current of volatility through the market over the next 90 days…

Spurring the biggest trading opportunity the Fed has ever created.


In March 2020, when the U.S. economy started crippling from COVID-19 the Fed started the process of quantitative easing (QE).

For two years, they tried to stimulate economic recovery by lowering interest rates and buying asset-backed securities like bonds.

In that time, the Fed’s balance sheet more than doubled, growing from $4.3 trillion to $9 trillion.

Now, the Fed thinks that the economy is strong enough – and they are going to stop easing

And start quantitative tightening (QT).

That doesn’t just mean they’re going to start buying less.

Policy makers have agreed to spend the next three months reducing the Fed’s balance sheet to a normal level.

To accomplish this, the Fed needs to do two things:

  1. Start selling the securities on their balance sheet…
  2. And raising interest rates.

Those are two things the market does not like.

See, this isn’t the first time the Fed has done this.

They tried QT back in 2017, trimming $50 billion of the Fed’s balance sheet each month until 2019.

And it immediately spurred massive bouts of volatility that led to a 19% DROP in the S&P 500 in December 2018.

And now, they’re trying it again…

Except this time, the QT process will be TURBOCHARGED.

Like I said, the Fed has DOUBLED their balance sheet in the past two years.

That means they need to taper at a much faster rate

At a much higher level

And in a shorter time frame.

I’m talking about selling $95 billion worth of bonds and mortgage-backed securities per month in a three-month period.

That’s nearly double the peak rate of $50 billion a month during the last round of QT – and back then, they had two years to do it… not three months.

The volatility we saw in 2018 is a spring shower compared to the category-five hurricane that could be coming.

That’s where I come in…

Because I’ve got the power, knowledge, and experience to turn this history-making volatility into the biggest profit opportunity the Fed has ever given us.

And I’m about to prove it to you.

According to the CBOE Volatility Index (VIX), the most volatile day of the year so far was on March 7.

VIX YTD 2022

And on that day, I closed an 89-cent partial position on Philip Morris for $1.35 – 52% in 17 days.

I exited an 80-cent partial position on Virgin Galactic for $1.70 – 113% in seven days.

I sold a 73-cent partial position on the Financial Select Sector SPDR Fund for $1.73 – 137% in seven days.

And I got out of two $1.35 partial positions on Devon Energy for $3 and $4 –122% and 196%, respectively, in 19 days.

Mark’s closed positions: March 7

* Average YTD TR returns: 2.74% in eight days

That’s five partial position exits…

All on cheap options under $1.50…

For 50%+ returns…

On the most volatile day of the year.

And I’ll tell you exactly how I did it: by examining the stocks’ implied volatility.

I use two indicators to determine whether a stock’s options are too cheap or too expensive.

  1. Implied volatility (IV): how far a stock is expected to move in the future.
  2. Historical volatility (HV): how far a stock has moved in the past.

When HV is above IV, then a stock’s options are too cheap – time to buy.

When IV is above HV, then a stock’s options are too expensive – time to sell.

Now, let’s put this strategy to the test on this CHPT trade.

By buying the option when HV was above IV, I was able to get in cheap – at just 72 cents.

Then, as IV rose – crossing above HV – I was able to sell for a lot more, banking partial position returns of 50%, 74%, and 111% all in one week.

Check it out again here on Bank of America.

We bought for 82 cents – when the HV was above IV, signaling the trade was too cheap.

Then, we sold when it was too expensive – notching partial position returns of 50%, 110%, and 120% in six days.

Returns like these are only possible when volatility is high.

But the Fed’s QT plan won’t just spur high IV in individual stocks…

It will unleash a current of sharp up-and-down movement in the broader market as well.

And the profits we can make playing volatility in the S&P are likely bigger than you’ve ever made before.

Increased volatility like this gives me opportunities to share special, more complicated trades outside of the usual strategy I utilize.

On February 23, the VIX was over 31 – near its highest point of the year.

And on that day, I recommended two special situation trades on the S&P 500 itself.

First, a $2.20 trade on the SPX. We were able to sell this trade for $5.50…

Taking home a 150% profit in two and a half hours on this volatile day.

But that’s not all. I also recommended a trade on the cheaper version of SPX – XSP.

We got in for just 42 cents – and out for $1.55. That’s a 269% profit!

February 23 wasn’t just a one-hit wonder either.

On April 26, the VIX was even higher – at 33.

And again, I recommended a trade on the SPX…

That handed us 137% in 57 minutes!

The Fed’s QT plan is going to spur the volatility we need to make profits like these over… and over… and over again.

And I want YOU to trade these opportunities with me in Profit Revolution.

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  1. My scanner narrows down thousands of stocks to the top 30 with low implied volatility relative to historical – which signals a HUGE move is on the horizon.
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Now, if I followed the rules of Wall Street I could charge six figures for a venture as comprehensive as this…
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But not everyone has six figures to fork over for personal consulting.

And my goal is to help as MANY folks as I can learn how to trade.

I like to tell people that if I wasn’t a trader, I would have chosen to be a professor – teaching is my passion.

There’s a reason I was chosen over all my colleagues at the CBOE to teach the VIX to thousands of people.

So I’ve asked my team to keep the price as LOW as humanly possible (without us losing our shirts or taking a loss).

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See you in the live room tomorrow,

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Profit Revolution
May 2022

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