Profit Revolution Wants

This is your chance to join the rebellion
and take the fight to Wall Street

The strategy I’m about to share with you has made millions for me and my clients.

And yet it’s so easy to use… so accessible to everyday Americans… 

That just the idea of it going public was enough to get me blacklisted from the financial establishment.

And for a very good reason. Just look at the results some of my “rebels” are already seeing… 

  • Vicky saw a return of 141% on FCEL in six just days.
  • Bill grabbed 163.5% in five days on UVXY.
  • Dan made 275% in one day on SOFI (and plans to roll that into even more Asymmetric Trades).

As our grassroots revolution grows, I believe many of our members could do even better.

You see, there’s an unprecedented opportunity  
shaping up right now.

Options volume is at an all-time high – with up to 40 million contracts changing hands every day. 

This historic trading volume has been triggering wild spikes in volatility. Ever since the COVID crash of 2020, the VIX has been trading at new highs…

And I expect these volatility spikes to create a flood of Asymmetric Trade opportunities in the next 30–60 days. 

Imagine getting into trades where every $100 grows to $1,059 in 11 days…

Or $1,591 in 14 days…

Or $3,060 in 13 days.

That’s the kind of potential our research has uncovered. 

Now, those are exceptional gains. Not every play will do that well.

And that’s fine. Because as part of Profit Revolution, you can get…

Up to five chances to make money every week.

Every play we target has the potential to turn $100 into $1,000 in 30 days or less.

And you can get into each one for $100 max.

With so many chances to make money, those tiny trades can add up quickly. 

In fact, just $100 into each of the 23 backtested trades my system found last January would have grown to over $12,000!

You’re invited to become a Founding Member of Profit Revolution.

If you really want to fight back against Wall Street, you can’t go it alone. You need someone on your side – a coach or a mentor.

And that’s what you get when you join Profit Revolution.

This brand-new research service is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Because I’m not just going to throw a few recommendations at you and ride off into the sunset. I’m going to coach you personally.

It all starts with…

The Profit Revolution LIVE trading room. 

Every trading day, we go LIVE in our private trading room.

First, I give you an update on our open positions, including my latest research and analysis so that you’re always on top of the game.

Then, we get down to business with a deep dive on that day’s Asymmetric Trade recommendation.

I break down each play – from why we’re making a move now…

To the potential risk (always $100 or less) and profits (potentially 10X your initial stake)…

To my timeline for getting in and out of the play…

Along with our strategy for maximizing our potential profits.

Then, you get to look over my shoulder as I set up real trades with the potential to turn $100 into $1,000+ in 30 days or less. 

There’s also a live chat – so you can ask me questions in real time.

Every session is recorded and stored in our members-only library.

You’ll also get a full write-up on every trade, including my research and analysis, delivered to your inbox…

So you never need to worry about missing an Asymmetric Trade opportunity!

The Tactical Trading Course.

This is a complete step-by-step breakdown of my entire system.

Each session is only about 10 minutes long, so you can get through it quickly.

By the time you finish, you’ll know exactly how Asymmetric Trading works...

And why it can give you a shot to turn $100 into $1,000 in 30 days or less up to five times every week. 

I’ve never heard of anyone offering this level of hands-on education and high-level trading tools at any price.

As a Founding Member, you’ll also enjoy additional perks. 

On top of the live trading sessions, Asymmetric Trading tools, and Tactical Trading Course, your Founding Member subscription also includes…

  • The Profit Revolution 24/7 Chat Room

    As part of Profit Revolution, you have 24/7 access to a member-exclusive chat room. This is where you can discuss trade recommendations… share your big wins… and talk about any potential trades you spot on your own.

    And other members can do the same for you – so everybody wins. I’ll even pop in from time to time to share some bonus trade ideas!

    Estimated value of Founding Member status: $80,000+.

    I charge consulting clients $500 for an hour of my time.

    Our daily trading sessions run 30–60 minutes – so at a minimum, about two and a half hours a week…

    Which means the live trading room alone has a value of $1,250 a week… $5,000 a month… or $60,000 a year.

    Access to proprietary trading tools like my Asymmetric Trading System can cost up to $10,000 a year.

    The training courses, the 24/7 chat room, and the live event could easily add another $10,000 in value.

    That adds up to an estimated value of $80,000+.

    So I could easily charge $30,000 a year (or more) for this service. And it would be a bargain – even at that price.

    But I want to help as many people as I can – which means keeping the price as low as possible.  

    And thanks to a special deal with Money Map Press, I’m able to offer you a huge discount. 

    So you won’t pay $30,000… or $20,000… or $10,000.

    You won’t even pay the planned regular price of $5,000. 

    Today, you can secure your Founding Member status for just $1,949 a year. 

    That’s a huge savings off the normal price. And it’s a ridiculous bargain.

    But I want to make your decision to join me as easy as possible. So right now, you can… 

    Join Profit Revolution for 30 days 

    Come to the live trading sessions. Go through the Tactical Trading Course. Paper-trade the recommendations. 
    If after completing the Tactical Trading Course you don’t think your Founding Member subscription is worth 10 times what you paid…

    Just call my VIP Concierge team at 855-509-6600 (or if you’re international, 443-353-4770) for a full refund of every penny. 

    Only 500 Founding Member subscriptions are available today.

    I want to help as many people as possible fight back against Wall Street.

    I also want to make sure you get the most out of the benefits your Founding Member status offers.

    Due to the “hands-on” nature of the live trading sessions…

    The sheer number of Asymmetric Trades I expect to send your way…

    And the fact that I’m not simply throwing recommendations at you but showing how to trade like I do so you can become an expert trader in your own right…

    I can only accept 500 Founding Member subscriptions today. And I expect them to go quickly.

    But if you want to join me in Profit Revolution, you need to take action NOW.

    This is your chance to join the fight against Wall Street’s greed – and finally take back the power they’ve jealously guarded for so long…

    And if everything goes right – get a shot to get rich doing it.

    But once you click off this page, you may never see this deal again.

    Let’s kick off the revolution against Wall Street together.

    Just complete the order form below.

    Once you hit the button, your spot is automatically reserved and your special discount is locked in.

    Then, we’ll use Asymmetric Trading to change the rules of the game…

    Exploit the big traders’ blind spots…

    And potentially make a fortune at Wall Street’s expense.

    See you on the other side,

    Mark Sebastian
    Founder, Profit Revolution
    March 2022

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