Hi – Tom Gentile here. Thank you for watching my presentation on what I believe is the world’s most successful AI trading tool – TradeQDP.

It’s not even a close race.

In just the first year of our test – with amateur traders across the country…

We made an overall gain of 504%.

You won’t find an overall gain this high in any regular retirement account – or even an exclusive hedge fund.

But it’s just the beginning.

The market is pulling in all directions right now.

Half of traders will tell you it’s going up. Half will tell you it’s going down.

It’s hard to make sense of trends anymore – at least for regular traders.

For an AI like TradeQDP, this is easy.

TradeQDP helps me find new opportunities every single week.

It goes through an insane amount of important data points in just seconds – something no human trader could manage during an entire lifetime.

It finds the best trades to make… including the best time to make them… and the best time to get out for profits.

Then my team and I send you all the trade details in easy, simple language that anyone can follow.

And we’ll take full advantage of it.

As soon as you join Quantum Data Profits today, you’ll receive a new trade I select directly from TradeQDP – every single week.

So get ready, because…

Your first trade recommendation is waiting for you.

That means we’re going to hit the ground running – with a potential for gains of 100%, 200%, or more right off the bat.

And let me tell you...

This is absolutely the best time to get started.

Right now, AI is reshaping trading all over the world in much the same way the internet changed how business was done.

As I write this, AI trading is spreading on Wall Street like wildfire.

Almost 70% of Wall Street traders are already using some form of AI to help their trading.

They know it works.

In fact, BlackRock’s CEO says human traders sitting on a trading floor will soon become a thing of the past.

But they don’t want to share their gains.

AI trading is still largely off-limits to retail traders – unless you have at least $100,000 to $2 million to invest in a high-end hedge fund…

Until now.

With TradeQDP, I want to make lucrative AI-assisted trading available to regular people like you…

And give you the chance to take advantage of the system that produced 500% annual gains last year.

In my three decades in the markets, I’ve never been so excited.

In my view, this is the ground floor... the prime time for getting rich – the sweet spot for life-changing gains.

That’s why you want to get in NOW.

And I’m on a personal mission to show ordinary folks how to make life-changing money with this exciting new tool.

I want you to look back at today as the day you took control of your financial future…

That’s why today, I’m offering you to become a new Quantum Data Profits member at a huge discount… over $3,500 OFF the retail price.

Normally, annual membership to Quantum Data Profits retails at $5,000.

But today, you won’t have to pay anything close to that.

If you sign up for one year of Quantum Data Profits – which includes weekly trade recommendations based on TradeQDP’s AI-generated trades…


(That’s more than $3,500 off the regular price)

And you still get access to the weekly trade recommendations – and every other benefit my members enjoy.

Remember: When the short-term price accelerator and the long-term price accelerator cross, Mach-M gets activated.

And when it does, it shows up on TradeQDP’s radar…

But it’s about to take off like a rocket!

Like these top-performing trades did…

Valero Energy gave us a 150% gain in just two weeks.

Nucor doubled in nine days – and then went to a 204% gain just a week later.

PBF Energy made 121% on the first half in less than three weeks – and another 147% on the second half just three weeks later.

TradeQDP uses state-of-the-art AI technology to discover the absolute best trades in the market today.

Having an advantage like that in the market could change your life.

It pinpoints exactly which stocks we should target – and when – for a chance at the biggest gains…

Gains like...

113% in just four days on Target – and then another 184% on the other half just a week later.

101% in nine days on Darling Ingredients – and then another 184% in the other half just six days later.

And over 310% on Ross Stores in just nine days!

That’s more than 500% overall gains in just the first year of our TradeQDP project.

Quantum Data Profits will give you everything you need so that you can target the biggest windfalls with trades from TradeQDP…

Quick triple-digit gains in just a matter of days or weeks…

That’s the kind of money that can help you build a nest egg.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

Whenever I am ready to recommend a trade, I will send you a Quantum Data Profits Trade Alert.

You can expect at least 52 trade recommendations during your membership.

Every week, these alerts are express delivered directly to your inbox.

I’ll share TradeQDP’s results showing the long-term and short-term price accelerators crossing so you’ll have complete confidence in the trade. Plus, it will
contain a full breakdown explaining the complete details of why and how Mach-M was activated on this company.

In other words, it’s my personal research and analysis – for your eyes only.

And of course… once you decide the trade is right for you, you will have the complete step-by-step instructions – so it’ll be simple and easy to make your move. A few minutes is all you need.

When it’s time to close the trade, I’ll send you a detailed Sell Alert.

This way, you know exactly when to cash out for maximum gains.

These Trade Alerts are the backbone of my Quantum Data Profits research service.

But membership comes with so much more – including...

Quantum Data Profits Quick-Start Guide

This short briefing will help you hit the ground running in just a few minutes – with a quick overview of TradeQDP’s trading principles and a summary of your anti-risk rules.

Quantum Data Profits Crash Course Video

I’ll give you an up close and personal tour through my AI system – you can look over my shoulder as I demonstrate how it works.

If you have a few minutes available, I urge you to watch this video before you get started.

I’ll lift the curtain and give you an insider’s look at my proprietary trading tool. That means I’ll walk you through exactly how it works and give you the nitty-gritty details behind my trading invention.

Altogether, my goal is to show you how to trade like a pro as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That’s why I’m also adding my...

Quantum Data Profits Millionaire Trader Boot Camp

In his advanced training series, you’ll discover...

My most valuable tips, tricks, and tactics from personal experience trading for over 30 years...

Every painstaking detail you need to know to start making big money right away...

And how to avoid the most common mistakes made by rookies in this market.

By the time you’re done with the entire series, you’ll know more about trading than 99% of traders.

Now, like I said… I’m not going to send you an alert and leave you on your own.

Every week, we’ll meet up in my…

Quantum Data Profits Live Trading Room

You can watch me or expert members of my team dissect our moves, discuss our strategies, and plan for capturing the biggest profits.

You can talk to fellow members in the live chat and share ideas.

You’ll also have the chance to ask any questions you have about TradeQDP and the trading rules we follow.

Keep in mind that we cannot give you personalized trading advice though.

But even if you miss one of these live meetings, don’t worry…

I’m sending out a Weekly Debrief with a summary of what we discussed during the live session and full updates on the active trades we’ve made.

Next, I ask that you sign up for my...

Quantum Data Profits Text Alert Service

As you’ve seen, the market moves fast.

That means if you want to trade when I make a recommendation, you’ll want to move quickly. And the best way to make sure you’re alerted to the newest opportunities is by sending you a quick text message. That way, you don’t have to stay glued to your computer all day.

So once you sign up for my Text Alerts, you’ll get a message when it’s time to make a move. All you have to do is click the link I’ll send you and follow my easy, step-by-step instructions to get your trade done.

And to make sure that you don’t feel like you’re going through this journey alone, you’ll get access to…

The Quantum Data Profits Network

This 24/7 chat room is the best place to connect with your fellow TradeQDP members, learn, ask questions, troubleshoot, and celebrate your successes!

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I’ve never given so much
for so little in return.

That’s how easy I’m making it for you to become a Quantum Data Profits member.

And you know what?

You may join for the deal... but I bet you’ll wanna stay for the profits.

Even though the price you get today is one heck of a bargain, it’s nothing compared to the gains I expect we’ll see.

I can guarantee this deal is the lowest you’ll EVER find for AI trading.

Become a member of Quantum Data Profits right now – while you have this chance.

But you’ve got to move quickly to be one of the 300 who make today’s cutoff.

By making your move today, you’ll save $3,500 to join Quantum Data Profits

Because you’ll only pay $1,497 for full membership.

And of course...

You’ll have access to my newest TradeQDP recommendation without delay.

You could potentially make 100%, 200%, or more... and get 51 more trade recommendations.

Just complete the order form below
– and you’re all set.

You can start getting up to speed right away and place your first trade any time you choose.

Then get ready for more trade recommendations each and every week for the next year. The profit potential is better than in ANY market we’ve seen in the past.

You’re going to have a blast.

The only catch is that you’ve got to move fast before today’s memberships are sold out. I’m convinced that this is the best moneymaking opportunity you can find.

Let’s make money in this market together!


Tom Gentile
Founder, Quantum Data Profits
June 2023

Yes, Tom! I Want to Join Quantum Data Profits Now and Save over $3,500

This membership includes EVERYTHING you’ve seen today:

  • Quantum Data Profits Quick-Start Guide
  • Crash Course Video
  • Weekly Trade Recommendations
  • Trade Open and Exit Alerts
  • Weekly Live Meetings
  • Weekly Debriefs
  • Quantum Data Profits Network

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