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Tom here – thanks for watching!

And now, it’s time to act.

Because, truthfully, you’ve already missed out on the chance to make $35,000 trading this market – in the past 50 days alone.

That’s right…

Between March 28 and May 13, I delivered 17 out of 18 winning trades – for an over 70% return.

You know how the rest of the market did during the same time frame?

The Dow fell 7.89%...

The Nasdaq plummeted 17.26%

And the S&P 500 closed out April as its worst month ever since World War II.

But this group of traders has been making profits hand over fist.

And it’s all thanks to my volatility-crushing tech, called BRUTUS.

You see, I recruited my team of former NASA and Raytheon engineers to develop a groundbreaking AI-powered that can predict exactly when volatility surges will occur, how big they could be, and when they will end.

And not only has BRUTUS proven it can spot these tradeable surges IN ADVANCE…

But it can generate detailed trades designed to play these surges for potential triple-digit gains.

I’m talking about telling us:

  • Exactly when to get in…
  • Exactly when to get out…
  • Exactly how big the surge volume will be…
  • Exactly what percentage return we can anticipate…

And BRUTUS is thriving on the type of chaos we're seeing in the market right now.

Take April 21, for example.

While the Dow collapsed over 900 points – marking the single worst daily drop since October 2020…

I sent out an urgent briefing to lock in a 250% gain on PayPal Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq:PYPL), thanks to a volatility surge BRUTUS had identified two weeks prior.

And my readers couldn’t wait to share how they did…

Like Sam Benton from Sedona, AZ, who turned a $2,423 initial investment into $8,557…

And Dennis Johnson from Longboat Key, FL, who turned $1,800 into over $5,000.

Then there’s Val, from Phoenix, AZ, who recently posted in our 24/7 online trader’s network about a 27% gain:

And that’s just one of a long string of wins some of my happiest members have scored so far this year…

Of course, no strategy is perfect, and not all trades will turn out this well – some will only break even, and some might lose money.

But we have ways to protect ourselves against losses, and we take them quickly and move on to the next opportunity.

This is hands down the single-best way to make money in this market right now.

In fact…

If you had been a part of this tight-knit trading family since April 18 and invested $4,000 in every tradeable surge I recommended through May 13, you could have made $35,000 - including losses.

And if that seems too hard to believe, here’s an unfiltered look at my track record – see for yourself…

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But we’re not done yet – not even close…

Because the next surge is coming .

In fact, over the next three months I project we’ll see opportunities to take profits on tradeable surges on:

ALL on stocks that I have ALREADY seen surges on and traded so far in 2022!

So these aren’t just some fabricated future dates I pulled out of a hat.

These are tradeable surges I’m watching in just the next three months on stocks I have already placed alerts on so far this year.

This is why – for the first time ever…

I’m offering you the chance to join Operation Surge Strike for the next year for an incredible, low price…

Up to today, it would have cost you at least $2,200 for a year’s subscription to Operation Surge Strike.

But these next twelve months are setting up with so much opportunity to profit that it’s honestly unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

And I will not allow you to miss the opportunity to profit on twelve months of upcoming Surge Strike Alerts.

Just $1,950 right here, right now gets you access to everything you need.

And if I were you, I’d get ready right now. 

The next surge I’m watching is projected to begin on !

The moment you secure your Operation Surge Strike subscription, a classified email will hit your inbox with everything you need to get ready to make your first play.

I’m talking about…

The Surge Strike Elite Video Training Series

I created the Operation Surge Strike Elite Video Training Series for members who want to transform their Operation Surge Strike experience into a professional growth opportunity of the highest order.

In this series, I’ll show you the five tactics you need to know in order to carry out these quick, deliberate strikes for maximum profit potential.

These are short videos that you can watch in about 20 minutes. 

Personally, I recommend watching them back to back during your first week as an Operation Surge Strike member. This will kick your “trading brain” into overdrive – and get you ready for the next surge event on .

Now, I have to mention – this video series is for members only and is not for sale under any circumstances.

You’ll understand why before you get 30 seconds into the first video.


Prepare to Act on Two Surge Strike
Alert Briefings per Week

You’ve seen how fast the action can be. Heck, our profit on Rivian took place OVERNIGHT.

The second it’s time to act, I’ll send you a complete Surge Strike Alert Briefing

These briefings contain everything you need to know about how to trade the surge, including:

  • What’s behind the upcoming Trigger Event and how intensely we expect the speculative money to rush in…
  • When we expect the surge to happen…
  • How big we expect the surge to be…
  • Exactly when we expect the surge to end, and…
  • The projected Surge Trajectory for the entire trade.

You’ll even get detailed, easy-to-follow trading instructions including the Entry Date, Exit Date, and Projected Gain in every briefing.

With all this knowledge in hand, you will know exactly how to take advantage of the potential behind each Surge Strike for maximum potential upside.

Now, in an average week I’ll send you two new Surge Strike trades. That’s more than 100 recommendations in the next twelve months.

But as I explained earlier, we’re not in average times – anything but... 

And that means you could be getting up to five new trades – maybe even more.

That’s why you need to act quickly.

And once you’ve initiated your first Surge Strike, there are a few additional steps I want you to take in order to amplify your Operation Surge Strike experience to a higher level. 

Here we go…


Optimize Your Trades with Surge Strike Text Alerts

Listen, I know you’ve got a life and can’t be chained to a desk all day. And the beauty is: You don’t have to be. As an Operation Surge Strike member, you get complimentary access to my Surge Strike Text Alerts.

My team and I will diligently monitor each and every Surge Strike. When a new trade opportunity is at hand, we will text you. Then, we’ll keep an eye on the trade for you. And when it’s time to cash out, you’ll receive a Text Alert. That way, you can set it and forget it.

You just click the link I’ll text you and follow my easy, step-by-step instructions to get your trade done. It couldn’t be easier!

And because I want my Operation Surge Strike members to hit the ground running…


Step into the Surge Strike Live Arena

As a member, you’re going to get at least two Surge Strike opportunities every week with the potential to hand you the kinds of gains you’ve seen today.

But I want to do more than grow your bank account. I want you to grow as a trader.

That’s why I’ve created the Surge Strike Arena where my team and I will go live weekly for a full debrief on new trades, open positions, and upcoming surges that my proprietary software, BRUTUS, has isolated.

Think of it as a training ground where you and other members can ask questions, hone your skills, chat with fellow members, and elevate your game.

There you have it – your Surge Strike Marching Orders. Follow these simple steps, and I believe you are going to thrive as a member!

And it all starts right now with our eyes on our first Surge Strike date…

Of course, your first Surge Strike is only the beginning.

You’re going to see at least 100 Surge Strike plays over the next twelve months, each with the potential to deliver big, fast wins.

But time is of the essence.

When you act right now, you’ll secure…

Surge Strike Alert Briefings

You’ll get over 100 recommendations in the next twelve months.

Surge Strike Elite Video Training Series

This series will get you off to a fast start trading these incredible surges.

Surge Strike Elite Video Live Forum

We’ll have weekly live trading sessions to analyze our positions and break down strategies.

Surge Strike Forum

Interact with other Surge Strike members, share stories, and celebrate your wins in a 24/7 chat room.

The Surge Strike Annual Summit

Gather with your fellow subscribers in person.

Surge Strike Hotline

Ask my team any questions you have.

It’s ALL available to you today for just $1,950.

And the moment you say “YES,” you’ll have immediate access to all of the above so you can prepare for the profit opportunities to come in the next twelve months. 

But you have to act now.

With the kind of market we’re seeing right now– plus all the extraordinary benefits and opportunities you’ll get as an Operation Surge Strike member…

I can’t keep this offer open for long.

So secure your Operation Surge Strike membership now. 

I can’t wait to see you – this is going to be fun.

To future profits,

Tom Gentile
Founder, Operation Surge Strike
May 2022

Retail: $2,200

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