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Introducing Two-Way Trading –

The only market strategy that allows you to win regardless of market direction.

When you place an option trade, you typically either need the ticker you’re trading to go up – if you’re trading calls – or down – if you’re trading puts.

That’s why 99% of traders are stuck in the endless cycle of trying to guess where stocks are headed next.

But with two-way trading, we don’t care about direction. We only care about movement.

As long as the S&P 500 moves at least 2%, the trades we’re placing can win.

And it’s made that move in 93 of the past 94 months:

That’s a market move with 98.9% accuracy over the past seven years.

And that’s exactly what I’m betting my money on with a new two-way trade every single week, aiming to start building true wealth with these steady option returns.

Now, I’ve spent the past seven months watching this strategy be tested with my personal trading mentor – the man who taught me how to trade – Andrew Giovinazzi.

At the end of October, the S&P moved 8%. And Andrew’s two-way trade made 24% in four days.

In December, the S&P moved 6%. And his two-way trade made 27% in 11 days.

In January, the S&P moved 9%. And his two-way trade made 14% in 8 days.

And I believe together, Andrew and I can continue to make these gains.

Just look how our first official Weekly Profit Cycles trade turned out –

Based on the seven-month track record that Andrew produced, we were targeting 8% in 14 days on our first two-way trade.

We placed the trade LIVE on Wednesday…

And by Friday, we had cashed out for 15% on a measly 2% move in the S&P.

Instead of 8% in two weeks, we made almost double in less than half the time.

This wealth-building strategy could be even stronger than we originally expected.

That’s why we need to close the doors on this Weekly Profit Cycles membership offer before we release our next trade…

Days: Hours: Minutes: Seconds:

So that we can put our full focus on using this strategy to help build true wealth over time.

If you want to be a part of this elite wealth-building group, then you need to join right now.

If you take action on our special access offer to join Mark Sebastian's Weekly Profit Cycles today, you'll be securing…

52 Two Way Trade Entries Per Year

When you join today, look out for an email in your inbox. It should arrive within a few minutes.

In it, we'll break down how you'll get your trade alerts AND what they look like.

You’ll whitelist the service, so you never miss an email from us. You’ll also have the chance to enter your phone number to get text alerts in real time to look for our trades.

On Wednesday, you'll receive your first entry alert.

We'll release it live – but in case you can’t make it, we’ll also send you full - step-by-step - instructions for each leg of the trade.

You simply need to follow along, and you'll have entered the position within 5 minutes.

If this is your first time trading options or spreads, don't worry. We've built this program for you. And if the instructions aren't totally clear?

That's why we have VIP concierge customer support (more on that in a moment).

You're going to love it.

The next thing you'll get is a personal invitation to our…

Weekly Profit Live Trading Webinars

I don't just want to spoon-feed you trades. I want to bring you into the action.

With our Weekly Profit Cycles live events, we'll do just that.

Starting Wednesday at 2:30, you'll join me every week as I place every two-way trade LIVE. You'll hear me break down the logic for each trade, as we aim to take advantage of the S&P’s regular 2% movement.

You can ask me about previous trade signals…

We'll break down what volatility is telling us about the markets…

I’ll give you my best insight on my open positions…

Plus, if you have questions about the strategy… individual trades… volatility trading… or practically anything about option trading that comes to mind, I’ll answer them.

I'll even share my screen so you can see what I'm doing in real-time.

And you'll have no trouble understanding it, thanks to…

The Weekly Profit Cycles
Elite Video Training Series

In this 8-part video series, you'll unlock an entirely new way to trade.

No more guessing market direction.

No more trying to catch lightning in a bottle.

Win if the market goes up. Win if it goes down. Win even if you're losing half of the trade. We just need movement..

In this video series, my team and I take a deep dive into the Weekly Profit Cycles strategy. We'll show you exactly how it works under the hood.

You'll discover:… 

  • Why Every Investor MUST Track This Hidden Market Factor
  • The Trick To Predicting Stocks With Volatility
  • How To Play The Volatility Calendar (Most Investors Don't Even Know What It Is)
  • Skew Bargains: The Secret To Maximizing Option ROI
  • How To Prime The "Payout Pump" For Optimal Risk/Reward
  • How We Ride The Volatility Wave For Near Perfect Trade Entries
  • A Little Known Tactic To Beat Option Decay
  • Weekly VIX Patterns - Watch For THIS Every Friday
  • 4 Volatility Zones AND What They Mean For The Market
  • Trade Structure 101 - Turn VOL Into Steady Profits

And much, much more.

You'll also get a copy of…

The Two-Way
Trade Strategy Dossier

The elite video training is your foundation. But what if you need a quick reference on the fly? That's where the strategy dossier comes in.

Need a reminder on how we place a two-way trade?

You'll find all of that and more inside, all in rapid reference format.

With this in hand, you're not going to miss a beat.

And throughout it all, you'll have…

A Direct Line to My Team

You'll have live support during all of our live sessions and training.

My team will answer any questions they can.

And you can email us too, at a dedicated subscriber email address.

Plus – if you have any issues with your subscription, you can call a dedicated VIP Concierge team who are open each day the markets are open.

So let's recap real quick…

Here’s Everything New Members Will Receive Today…

  • 52 Two-Way Trade Entries Per Year…
  • Access to Member’s Only Weekly Profit Live Sessions EVERY week…
  • Your Weekly Profit Cycles Elite Video Training Series…
  • Your Two-Trade Trade Strategy Dossier - with complete strategy breakdown…
  • A direct line to a dedicated VIP Concierge team for any questions about your subscription…
  • PLUS, a subscriber-only email inbox for questions about Weekly Profit Cycles

Lifetime Access
Only $2,750

This service is for anyone who is looking to build upon their nest egg of at least $10,000 with a steady stream of trade opportunities.

Investing always has risks and nothing is guaranteed. There’s always something around the corner looking to eat into the future you are trying to build.

Watching inflation eat away all your gains…

Taking all the risk of active investing while ending up in the same financial spot…

The trade opportunities I’m seeing let me target 8% in about two weeks. We’re giving you EVERYTHING you need to follow along with us.

Since August, 2022 – Andrew has crushed it with these trades.

And because Andrew and I are not aiming for the fences…

Desperately trying to hit a home run on every trade…

But instead aiming for regular, steady winners…

We can rest easy knowing we have a strategy that can win in up markets or down markets. So long as the market does not stay flat there is an opportunity for us.

Again - this is a strategy powered by a phenomenon that’s hit in 93 of 94 months.

That market consistency - even with the goal of modest wins like 8% in 14 days - is the key to helping build long term legacy wealth.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Ordinary American investors are already putting this powerful trading strategy to work.

Now, I want to show you how you can do the same.

So, I'm going to make this an easy decision for you.

Today, You Can Secure Lifetime Access

You read that right.

When you sign up for Weekly Profit Cycles today, your membership won’t end in 12 months.

This is a brand new educational service. It’s very different from anything we’ve released before. And we’ve decided to do something unique for our founding charter members.

So instead of one year… two years… or even three years…

We’re inviting you to a lifetime of wealth building opportunities.

When you join today, you'll have permanent access to the service for as long as it's published.

This special Lifetime Access Discount is 0nly Available Until 2:30 p.m. ET Wednesday

I don't know how many people will jump in and sign up for charter membership. I do know that after Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. ET, this lifetime access offer is off the table.

That's why we've been so up front about who this IS and ISN'T right for. 

We also know that - until you try something - you might not be 100% confident. I don't want to let any uncertainty get between you and a lifetime of steady wealth building. 

So here's the deal… 

When you take action today, you're protected by our 45 day money back guarantee. 

If you complete The Weekly Profit Cycles Training Course within that window, and aren't totally satisfied this program can improve your financial life… 

Simply contact our VIP Concierge team by phone or email with a refund request, and we'll process it for you. It's truly that easy. 

But I have to make one thing very clear… 

So do not hesitate on this one. 

Fence sitters lose, action takers prosper. 

If you're reading this now, don't waste another second.

Go ahead and fill out your details below.

And I'll see you with a new two-way trade on Wednesday!! 

Mark Sebastian
Founder, Weekly Profit Cycles
March 2023

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