Hi, it’s Garrett.

You’re staring down the barrel of one of the greatest moneymaking opportunities of the last two decades.

The upcoming Permian boom could mint millionaires by the bucketload.

The moment the ink dries on the Exxon-Pioneer deal…

It’s liftoff!

Every oil major on the planet will be scrambling to stake their claim on the 41 billion barrels of oil in the Permian.

The entire prize is worth $7.3 trillion…

Meaning the biggest buyout boom in oil ever seen, could dwarf what happened in the Bakken.

Today, you can claim your share before the wider world has even woken up to the opportunity that’s staring them in the face.

I’ve identified five companies that are prime candidates to be gobbled up in the frenzy – potentially making their investors a fortune.

All five own hundreds of thousands of acres of prime sought-after land in the heart of the Permian basin…

All five have just posted stellar financials in the first quarter of 2023…

All five have a proven pedigree for extracting millions of barrels of oil every year from the Permian basin – with ready-made operations already set up…

And most importantly…

All Five Have the Potential to DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Money in a Month or Less

In my exclusive report – that you can get today, I reveal everything about them.

Their names, ticker symbols, revenues and full trade instructions.

You already know the name of one of them: Permian Resources (PR).

Now let me recap the other four.

Company #1

  • It just completed a $2 billion buying spree in the Permian – with three big acquisitions, including a recent $627 million purchase...
  • Its total land in the basin has shot up 5X since 2016 to 256,000 acres…
  • It operates 850 drilling locations in the region, with $4.6 billion in oil reserves already proven…
  • Recently posted record-breaking numbers to end 2022 – with adjusted earnings before inflation and taxes of $1.1 billion…

Projection: Triple Your Money

Company #2

  • Has a major 40,000 acre presence on the prolific Northwest Shelf of the basin, which has produced 3 billion barrels of oil over the last century…
  • Recently made a transformative $330 million acquisition in the Permian’s New Mexico region, adding over 100 new drilling sites to its footprint…
  • Its year-on-year production is up 80%...
  • Earnings before inflation and taxes were up 81% on the year…

Projection: Triple Your Money

Company #3

  • A recent $4.3 billion acquisition boosted this firm’s footprint in the region to 179,000 acres…
  • Last year, it added more than 450 quality drilling locations to its property portfolio in the Permian region…
  • It delivered an impressive $235 million to shareholders – including dividends…
  • Net earnings were an excellent $1.3 billion, with $535 million in free cash flow at the end of Q4 2022…

Projection: Double Your Money

Company #4

  • Owns a total of 533,260 royalty acres – with a 4.4% revenue interest – across the core of the region…
  • Has existing relationships with over 90% of the top Permian operators and blue-chip midstream companies including Phillips and KinderMorgan.
  • Adjusted earnings before inflation and taxes was $598 million…
  • Total revenue was $667 million…
  • Returned $335 million to shareholders…
  • Zero debt – with a cash-positive balance of $511 million…

Projection: 100–150%

I know the names of all five. And today, I’m ready to share them with you.

So let’s make it official…

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Plus, I’ll give you simple step-by-step instructions on how to trade them for the biggest potential gains.

But like I said, these flashpoint events are everywhere.

This epic land rush in the Permian basin is the most urgent one on my radar right now.

But there are dozens of flashpoints firing off every week.

It could be a diesel crisis… a fertilizer shortage… a major development in the conflict in the Ukraine…

But while most people ignore them... as part of Flashpoint Trader, our mission is to make money from them.

In fact, there are a number of specific flashpoints I’m watching right now. And when you join me today as a Flashpoint Trader, you’ll receive immediate access to my Flashpoint Fortunes Report.

This report outlines – in detail – the most critical flashpoints unfolding right now across the globe.

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Anywhere a flashpoint is unfolding and creating downstream opportunities to profit, I’m there.

My Flashpoint Fortunes Report outlines the specifics of each opportunity as it unfolds, and I expect these flashpoints to generate dozens of potential profit opportunities in the coming weeks. 

And moving forward, you’ll get up to…

5 New Moneymaking Opportunities Every Week

My goal is simple: Somewhere in the world, money changes hands today… and I want you to siphon off your share of the action.

  • One day, I might tell you about a tiny small cap I think could potentially triple in the next 90 days.
  • The day after that, I could recommend shorting a blue-chip tech stock – aiming to grab a quick 50%–100% in the next 60 days.
  • The next day, it could be a call option on an energy play – targeting a 100% gain in 30 days or less.

Now let’s be real.

I’m not saying all my trades will be blockbuster winners.

Nothing is guaranteed in trading, and you should never risk more than you can afford to lose.

But I Believe These Flashpoints Offer the Best Chance of Making Some Real Money Every Trading Day

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Every week, I do a deep dive into the biggest Flashpoints around the world.

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And to give you the best possible chance of success, members also get access to the…

Market Intelligence Trading Course

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