4,117 Earnings Reports Roll Out
Over the Next 30 Days With
One Way to Profit

The Only Indicator You Will Need To Trade
During the Biggest Earnings Season EVER…

More than four thousand companies report their quarterly earnings over the next four weeks.

That means you and I have more than four thousand profit opportunities…

All using only one indicator… the VWAP

And we don’t even have to read a single earnings report.

After global markets declined again…inflation is still at world record-highs…geopolitical tensions are on a razor’s edge…the Fed continues to raise interest rates aggressively… even Elon Musk is threatening to re-buy Twitter…

People around the world are scared of what companies will report this earnings season.

But not us.


Because the volume and volatility that comes with earnings reports will supercharge the power of the VWAP in the next 30 days.


And I’m the only trader on earth who can show you how to unlock the most reliable indicator in the market to help you profit.

Using just one line on your chart, you have MASSIVE upside potential…

In only one DAY.

Anyone who’s not making money trading this earnings season is doing it wrong…

Because this one is special.

After a decade trading the VWAP, I’ve never seen it firing off with the speed and magnitude we see right now.

This Will Be the Most Important Earnings Season EVER

Take a look at this chart…

Inflation, supply chain, and the Federal Reserve have driven the majority of stocks down by double digits…

But companies are under INTENSE pressure to meet earnings expectations.

In fact, it’s the only thing that can save them from sliding down even further.

Right now, things aren’t looking good…

If companies fail to meet their expectations, we’ll see stocks fall even more.

We could be heading toward an avalanche in the markets…

And That Means Even More Volatility…
Which Is GREAT NEWS for Us

VWAP trades THRIVE during earnings season.

See – for a VWAP trade to work, we need two things…

Volume and volatility.

The volume shows us where institutional money is flowing in…

And the volatility gives us a chance to ride a money wave high enough to make a profit.

During earnings season, we see a HUGE spike in both volume and volatility.

That’s because earnings reports are one of the most predictable events happening in the markets.

Everyone knows when they’re coming… so everyone wants to trade them.

And I’m eyeing my first one this Friday…

Now, when it comes to earnings… what we DON’T know is whether they’re going to be good or bad.

That’s where volatility comes in…

If earnings pass expectations, we can ride the profit wave UP.

And if they fail expectations, the VWAP will show us when to ride the wave DOWN.

We can do all of that without even looking at the earnings report itself!

All we need is the blue line of the VWAP.

With the Fed moves, inflation, and a bear market, this earnings season will likely be the most volatile we’ve seen in years…

But that doesn’t bother us.

In fact, we LOVE it. Because…

Bigger Volatility = Bigger Stock Moves = Bigger Potential VWAP Profits

It’s that simple.

And we don’t even have to wait long…

The biggest names in the market are about to report their earnings.

We start on October 13 with Goldman Sachs (GS) and Charles Schwab (SCHW)…

Then on October 14, we’ve got three more giants – Wells Fargo (WFC), JP Morgan Chase (JPM), and Morgan Stanley (MS)…

Some of these stocks are so big that they can even drive the ENTIRE market.

They could provide some of the biggest profit opportunities of this earnings season…

That’s why you SHOULDN’T WAIT to join us.

That’s also why I’m doing something I’ve never done before…

To make sure that the MOST people have the chance to trade profitably using the VWAP with me…

Because once the volatility of these earnings reports plays out in the markets, the opportunities for that stock are GONE.

And you don’t need to go through a college course in finance to make money…

I’ll show you how to use…

The Only Indicator You’ll Ever Need – Seriously

I’ve been in the market for 30 years.

I’ve tried it all – you name it, I traded it…

But I’ve never seen anything work as consistently as the VWAP.

Plus, you don’t need to waste much time poring over company balance sheets or analyzing complicated chart patterns.

We’re in and out in just HOURS.

In fact, I tell everyone that they should NEVER stay in a trade overnight.

It’s just too risky in a volatile market like this.

You want to stay nimble. Things can change fast…

Especially during earnings season.

Most people know me as the “earnings guy” – but I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually read an earnings report!

Seriously, you don’t even need to know what EBITDA means…

And I certainly don’t need it to make a profit.

All I Need Is One Line on My Chart – the VWAP

It tells me when to get into a trade and when to get out.

Here’s an example from last quarter with Bank of America (BAC) – which reported earnings on Monday, July 18.

The stock price broke through the VWAP around $32.

Then, it went up to $33. That's a $1-per-share pickup.

Even on just 100 shares, that's a $100 profit.

And we were in that trade for less than one hour…

So you’re not tying up your money in a trade that could go sideways overnight.

We did it again with Goldman Sachs…

See the price breaking through the blue line from the top?

That’s how we knew the price was about to go down.

We could short a stock move like that…

From the VWAP break of $307.36 to all the way down $299.61.

That would give you a chance to make $7.75 per share in profit in just over three hours…

Even on just 100 shares, that's $775 in cash.

Either way, we don’t think about WHY the stock goes down…

We just follow the institutional money where it goes…

And we ride the money wave.

These two banking stocks are just the beginning…

We have six more weeks of earnings ahead of us.

Overall, more than 4,000 companies will issue reports during that time.

That’s over 4,000 opportunities to profit with the VWAP.

And to take advantage of those opportunities, I’m doing something I’ve never done before…

Join Me for Exclusive Live Earnings Trading Sessions 3 Days a Week

This is not something that’s normally available in a Warlock’s World membership.

Apart from our daily trading, I want to sit down with you and trade earnings reports as they come out…

Not before…

Not after…

We’ll get in on the action AS IT HAPPENS.

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we’ll go live at 3:30 p.m. (ET).

On Fridays, we’ll be live at 8 a.m. (ET) –before the market opens.

For October and November, this is what we’re looking at…

This – hands down – the best way to aim to collect profits during this earnings season.

If you’re never traded earnings season before, you’ll likely get BURNED doing this yourself.

Let me show you exactly what you need to know.

During these sessions we’ll cover:

  • How to set up a trade
  • When to stay AWAY from a trade
  • Exact parameters for the trades we’re looking to make (entry, exits, stops and profit targets)

And of course, you’ll also have access to everything else you need to set up a VWAP trade…

My Custom VWAP Charting Code

My blue line is the 1-minute VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price).

That’s the line you absolutely NEED to set up a trade.

Don’t do anything in the markets without this line.

But to get a full picture, it sometimes helps to use the Multiday VWAP as well…

That’s the orange line.

I’ve been trading these lines for over 10 years, and these are the exact lines I use in my own trading setups. They’re the lines we use in our private trading room.

The blue line, you can get anywhere.

It’s even on Yahoo Finance.

Getting the orange line is a little more complicated.

In fact, I had to hire a software engineer to perfect the custom coding I needed to get the orange line on my charts.

And I’ve got to tell you – the blue line and orange line working together…

It’s magic.

Watching a trade go from the blue line to the orange line feels like being hugged by a giant teddy bear made of happiness and hundred-dollar bills.

And as a member of Warlock’s World, your screen can look exactly like mine.

It’s as simple as copying and pasting the code I give you.

The Warlock’s Watchlist

Every day before the market opens, I’ll announce my Warlock’s Watchlist.

These are the top stocks I’m watching that day – the ones I think are most likely to break the VWAP and hand out a massive payday to traders like me and you.

It’ll be posted in our private, members-only trading room.

Most days, the watchlist will have five to six stocks on it. Some days, it will be as few as one or two – others, as many as 10 or 11.

It all depends on what I’m seeing in the market that day.

But here’s the secret: You only need one good trade, and that’s it – it’s a profitable day. Everything after that is gravy.

And I’ll show you exactly how to play them during our…

Live VWAP Power Hour Trading Every Morning

You can trade the VWAP all day, every day. But the best part is – you don’t have to.

If you’re doing $200 trades, you’ve got the potential to make more with the VWAP Monday through Friday from 9:15 to 11:00 a.m. than most people make all day.

Remember, the most profitable time to trade the VWAP is the first hour and a half after the market opens every day.

And as a member of Warlock’s World, I’ll be there with you to trade it live five days a week.

You’ll watch over my shoulder every day the market is open. You’ll see the exact charts I’m looking at – in real time – as I hunt for the best trading opportunities.

I watch over 600 different stocks every day...

But for our trading sessions, I narrow that down to the top six and show you how to trade the biggest moves on the market.

The power of these trading sessions – especially once I show you how to combine the VWAP with options trades – can’t be overstated.

Just look at some of the best real results members have shared in our chat.

Now, don’t get me wrong – not everyone is that successful that quickly. Sometimes, you make a bad trade and lose money.

I personally lost over $500,000 in the markets and nearly lost my house before I discovered the blue and orange lines – and developed my own VWAP code.

But I like to think I did that so you don’t have to.

That’s why my Warlock’s World package includes my…
EXCLUSIVE 30 Days to VWAP Mastery Training Course
  • This is my ultimate guide to everything you ever wanted to know about trading the VWAP but were afraid to ask.
  • It includes a complete guide to the VWAP… stock trading basics… foundational options trading techniques… and more.
  • It’s everything you need to go from zero to expert VWAPian in 30 days or less.

5 Trading Boot Camps a Week

The training materials I’ve created for you are unmatched…

But NOTHING compares to the power of live coaching with a personal trainer.

That’s why I hired Brian King – one of the best trading coaches in the business – to give you an entire hour of live training every day.

This is small-group, high-intensity trading.

Not only are you going to learn more advanced trading techniques but more importantly, you’ll master the discipline and the mindset you need to become a top trader.

And I don’t care if you’ve never touched a stock in your life.

If you give Coach King 60 minutes a day, he’s going to teach you how to make your trading account stand up and sing.

The Daily Decode with Bobby Eight

The market moves fast.

And in the daily Power Hour Trading Sessions from 9:15 to 11:00 a.m., we’ve got to move with it. Oftentimes when a stock breaks the VWAP, we get a five-minute trading window. Sometimes, less.

That’s awesome if you want to make quick gains.

But it doesn’t leave a lot of time for explanation. That’s where the Daily Decode comes in.

I have personally recruited one of my best friends – someone who’s been trading the VWAP with me for over a decade – to come in from 12:00 to 1:00 every day and make sure you have everything you need to turn my recommendations into actionable trades.

Where the boot camps will build the foundation you need be successful, the Daily Decode is laser-focused on the specific trades you need to make.

If I mentioned an options trading strategy, Bobby will make sure you know how to execute it. When we talk about limiting your risk to $60 or $80 a trade, he’ll show you how to set those stop losses in your account.

And if you have any questions about the mechanics of these trades, the VWAP, or our strategy, you’ll get a chance to have them answered LIVE.

Your Personal Coder

Solid Jell-O – my personal coder (who invented my patented Multiday VWAP) – will show you how to identify significant price levels for fast profits and supercharge your charting software.

You'll have access to dozens of custom charting codes including:

  • Hi/Lo Ticker: tracks stocks that have the ability to move at least $2 in every given day.
  • Earnings Watchlist: tells you exactly which stocks will report earnings and when.
  • Market Grid: an overview of 12 critical indices and equities like UVXY, Nasdaq, tick index, crypto, and more that gives you a daily pulse of the market.

On-Demand Replays of Every Live Session

Like I said, nothing beats being in the room with me live. But I know that life happens. Sometimes, you’re going to miss one of our live sessions.

Don’t worry about it – I’ve got you covered.

We record EVERY live trading session…

EVERY boot camp…

EVERY Daily Decode…

And you can access all of them on demand from our private, members-only website. So no matter what’s going on, you never have to miss a second of the action.

If You’re Looking for the Biggest and Fastest Shortcut to Mastering the VWAP – This. Is. It.

This is literally the ultimate guide to VWAP mastery delivered straight to you on a silver platter.

But today only …

I will open a unique opportunity to you…

I’ve NEVER Done This Before Here…

Join me as a Lifetime Member – you’ll receive BONUS EARNINGS SESSIONS – where I’ll provide the road map on how to potentially capture MASSIVE gains.

That’s three bonus earnings sessions EACH WEEK…

Including Friday mornings, where we’ll hunt for huge returns on potential option trades on stocks after they report earnings.

And as a Lifetime Warlock’s World Member, you’re locked in for:

  • Every expansion to Warlock’s World…
  • Every special Saturday training class…
  • And every minute that I’m live – you’ll be right there with me.

So now, for the FIRST TIME in Money Morning LIVE history…

We’re opening Lifetime Warlock’s World membership with a brand-new monthly payment option.

It makes me sick whenever I hear that someone wants to trade with me but can’t afford thousands of dollars up front…

Well, I listened.

Now, you can join Warlock’s World with a Lifetime membership for only $349 per month.

You’ll receive ALL the benefits of being a regular member…

PLUS, access to up to THREE additional LIVE earnings season trading sessions…

All for less than $17 per trading day.

And with a live trading session every day…

And three additional earnings session every week…

You can make that whole monthly rate back in less than a day.

And you can cancel anytime you want – there’s no risk to you.

But because this is a special offer that we only reserve for a select group of people, we cannot add you back to the Lifetime membership if you cancel.

So hurry up…

Because earnings season has already started.

On October 13, we start out with Charles Schwab and Goldman

Followed soon after by Wells Fargo, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley.

That’s five of the biggest stocks in the universe…

You don’t want to miss that.

Plus… to make this even more of a no-brainer for you, I’m including…
My 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Come to at least four Power Hour Trading Sessions. Come to one boot camp with Brian King. Come to one Daily Decode with Bobby Eight. Follow all the trades you want over the next month.

Complete the training in my 30 Days to VWAP Mastery Course – it’s three easy modules with everything you need to get started even if you’ve never bought a stock in your life.

And if you're still not satisfied, just call the Customer Service team in the next 30 days, and we'll refund every penny, no questions asked.

Just remember, this is all happening right now.

I’m in Warlock’s World every day the market is open (Duh, I founded it.), looking to trade VWAP breaks for profit.

Do NOT wait.

Fill out the form below, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.


Kenny Glick

The Warlock, Warlock's World

October 2022

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