Get Up To 5 Chances To Double Your Money Every Week - All Year Long
Same ticker, at the same time of day, with the same trade, and you can get in for $200 or less.

Your Next Potential Daily Double is on Deck in:

Thank you so much for joining me for today's event.

You just saw the power of this strategy first-hand…

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This Is The ONE Strategy I’m Using to Trade My Own Money Right Now…

So many trading “experts” love to TELL you how great their strategy is.

But I put my money where my mouth is.

Expiration Trader works, and it's effective in today's volatile market.

I know this from my own success, and real trades that got REAL results. Not just for my hedge fund clients–but for my inner-circle readers–everyday Americans from every walk of life.

Over my twenty years as a professional trader, all the way from the Chicago Board Options Exchange to running my own hedge fund…

I field-tested dozens–if not hundreds–of trading strategies.

But NOTHING comes close to the results I’m seeing from these daily expiration trades.

No matter if it’s my reader’s money, my family’s money, or my OWN money… there’s only one strategy I’m using right now…

And this is it.

After all…

Over the last four months, a single daily trade could have taken a $1,000 account to $7,058.

A 7X account explosion while the market dropped over 6%.

If that doesn’t show you the potential of this strategy, I’m not sure what will.

And I’m about to release my next trade.

That means you have until your chance to double your money or more, so I wouldn’t twiddle your thumbs.

These “Daily Doubles” are trades on the same stock, at the same time of day, with the same type of trade.

And you can get into each one for around $140 bucks on average.

Check out some of our recent success with these consistent Daily Doubles… All in UNDER two hours:

$190 to $1,888

$284 to $595

$200 to $756

$192 to $359

$122 to $427

$135 to $244

$57 to $303

$168 to $883

$130 to $327

$110 to $374


Every Daily Double Play Has Just FOUR Simple Steps

Just four simple steps stand between you and aiming for a direct cash deposit of your profits at market close if the trade works out.

Step 1 - Set our “cash zone”

Step 2 - Sell half at 100% profit

Step 3 - Sell a fourth at 200% profit

Step 4 - Ride a fourth to expiration cash deposit

And the best part is… our trade setup allows us to execute Steps 2-4 automatically.

You take three minutes to set up Step 1, and you’re done.

As long as you set up the trade correctly, Steps 2, 3, and 4 will trigger on their own. You don’t have to press sell, don’t have to do maintenance on the position, nothing!

And I’m going to execute every step, alongside you, LIVE!

Check out this recent trade on how it works.

For just $136 you could have entered this trade.

We set our $30 cash zone, and anticipated SPX to close around $3,905.

We took our first profit on half our position at 157%…

Second profit at 229%…

And third profit at 698% when SPX closed at $3,900, just $5 away from our target.

Between our three automatic exits on the trade, our weighted return was 311%.

That’s $136 to $558 in less than two hours.

Not bad for three minutes of “work” to set up the trade.

How about this one.

Our trade cost $130.

We took our first profit at 112% gain, second profit at 208% gain, and third profit at 178% gain for a weighted return of 152%.

That’s $130 to $329 in less than two hours.

Again, not bad for three minutes of “work.”

On July 21st our trade cost $125.

We took our first profit at 100% gain, second profit at 209% gain, and third profit at 616% gain for a weighted return of 256%.

$125 into $445 in less than two hours.

The list goes on and on and ON…!

Here are some of the weighted gains (per contract) on our recent Daily Doubles:

April 25: $190 to $1,888

April 26: $284 to $595

April 27: $125 to $842

May 10: $192 to $639

May 11: $200 to $756

June 10: $136 to $558

June 13: $192 to $359

June 16: $135 to $244

June 22: $57 to $303

June 30: $168 to $883

July 1: $147 to $486

July 5: $130 to $327

July 11: $124 to $364

July 21: $125 to $445

Aug 5: $147 to $532

Aug 18: $110 to $374

Aug 19: $100 to $226

Aug 22: $122 to $427

Aug 23: $95 to $206

Aug 31: $150 to $514

…All in LESS THAN TWO HOURS with the SAME trade on the SAME stock around the SAME time.

Do these trades ALWAYS win?

Absolutely not. I wouldn’t be here teaching you this if that was true, I’d be in Tahiti sipping a pina colada.

What I can tell you is this.

As of the Expiration Trader launch debut, I have sent 66 total Daily Double Trade Alerts.

Of those 66 alerts, 41 were winners and an astonishing 21 triple-digit winners.

So yeah, I lost.

But if you started alongside me four months ago with a $1,000 trading account…
And made all 66 trades (including the losers)...
You’d have $7,058 today.

$5,000 would have grown into $35,290.

$10,000? A whopping $70,580.

$20,000? Over $141,160!

I still have dozens of contacts on the trading floors…

And I don’t know of ANYONE else out there using this strategy.

Not on Wall Street…

Not on the CBOE.

Not anywhere.

If they are–they’re keeping quiet about it–and I can’t blame them!

I mean, just look at the results my students have seen.

Joe would have never “dared” do a butterfly a few months ago.

Now he’s hitting triple-digit winners on a regular basis.

Dave hit winners on both the SPX and the XSP… in the same day!

I could go on for pages…

But what you need to understand is that …

These Expiration Trades are cheap… consistent … and FAST.

With an average cost of $137 per trade, this strategy can work for just about anyone.

And remember, there’s ANOTHER way to trade this strategy that lets you get in for 3X LESS per trade on average…

And get a shot to make even BIGGER gains.

So instead of a $137 average cost per trade – you could get in for $35 or less.

That’s what Vicki G. did…

In 2021, Vicki G. was just hoping to make enough trading to help pay her bills.

Today – just one year later – Vicki has quit her job to trade full-time.

In fact, using this exact strategy… Vicki made 966% in just 90 minutes!

And she did it with a dirt-cheap trade anyone could have gotten into for just $15.

Now, these trades don’t happen AS often… “only” 3Xs per week - but when they do, you’ll get a shot at them, too.

That means you could get up to EIGHT shots to double your money every single week…

All year long.

That’s roughly 416 CHANCES to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in the next 365 days.

But it could be even more.

Since April 25th, these “bonus” expiration trades have shot up 263%... 320%... 402%... even 800% in less than 2 hours!

Do we win every time? Of course not.

But when we do win, these results can be life changing…

And it all kicks off at 2pm SHARP.

As a member of this elite research service, you can be there LIVE.

And we don’t need long.

Because we do one trade at the same time every single day.

(Reminder: next trade alert hits in ...)

And it takes 3 minutes to set up.

After that–you’re DONE. Because these trades close AUTOMATICALLY.

Which means that, if we win, your profits will be deposited by 4:30pm that same day…

In cold, hard CASH.

Here’s What You Get When You Secure Your Founding Member Status Today

Founding Member Benefit #1

Up to 8 Trade Alerts Per Week

With SPX and XSP expiration daily, I’ll hit you with my analysis of the daily market and we’ll have the opportunity to hit up to 10 Daily Doubles each week.

Some days we’ll have just SPX, and some days we’ll have both SPX and XSP alerts.

Over the course of the year, you could have access to up to 504 Daily Doubles if you made both trades.

Every time we issue a trade alert, it’ll be sent directly to you via email and text.

Alerts will include our full “Set it and Forget it” exit plan including…

  • Initial Strike Prices
  • 100% profit target
  • 200% profit target

Everything you’d need to know in order to set up this trade from start to finish. And if that’s not enough… I’m also going to show you how to set these up LIVE… WITH ME… DAILY…

Founding Member Benefit #2

Daily Live Trade Execution Sessions

Every day the market is open, I’ll pop into the Members Only Expiration Trader Chatroom.

Now, this chatroom is open 24/7, but each day at 2pm we’ll put on our Expiration Trade together via live video stream

I’ll walk you through the strikes, how to make sure we get filled on the ENTIRE trade from the start, and you’ll actually WATCH ME do it in real time via my screenshare.

Any general questions you have, my expert moderators will be on hand to answer and help you through the process.

There is NO REASON you can’t learn to do this…

We’re going to do it together!

Founding Member Benefit #3

Members Only 24/7 Chatroom

Your Members Only Chatroom also gives you access to a like-minded community of options traders.

NO MATTER your experience level - if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro - there is always something to be learned from this community.

Ask questions, get feedback, see idea flow on new opportunities.

Something goes south in the market and you’re not sure how it affects your trading? JOIN THE CLUB! You will have fellow Expiration Traders in the same boat, and now you have a common place to discuss your battle plans for the markets.

Founding Member Benefit #4

Live Portfolio

Your member platform also contains a picture of our Live Expiration Trader Portfolio.

You’ll be able to see all closed positions (COMING SOON!) and all existing, open positions, so you can keep track of your progress.

Can’t make a daily 2pm session? No problem - check back in the portfolio and you’ll see the Trade Alert you missed.

Founding Member Benefit #5

Expiration Trader Training Course

The Expiration Trader Training Course contains 3 critical pieces of options education to get you up and running immediately.

You have the Foundations of Options Video Course, where you’ll learn the more advanced buying and selling strategies of options. This course will have video lessons, quizzes, and is something you can keep directly on hand, so you can return and review the material at any time.

I also built the Expiration Trader Starter Kit, and a Video Tutorial from me on How To Place Your First Expiration Trade.

With all three of these together, you’ll be ready to go in no time.


If you STILL aren’t sure this is for you... I’m including my...

Founding Member Benefit #6

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Test drive Expiration Trader for 30 days.

Try the alerts, review the education, and complete your Training Course, and if after 30 days you’re not satisfied with the trades, the education, or the service in general, just give my VIP team a call at 855-509-6600 and they’ll refund 100% of your payment.

No hassle, no strings attached.

This is how confident I am in this strategy.

This is how much I KNOW this has changed options trading forever for my subscribers, and it has the power to do the same for you…

And for 30 days, you can try it risk-free.

Right here, right now, you could secure :

  • Up to 8 Trades Per Week For Around $137 On Each Trade
  • Some Trades as Low as $40
  • Access to my Daily Live Execution Sessions at 2pm EST
  • Members Only 24/7 Chatroom
  • Live Portfolio Access
  • My Full Training Course

All for the rock-bottom price of $1750 a year.

That comes out to just $4.20 PER TRADE ALERT.

And if that wasn’t enough… I’m doing something that could get me in trouble.

You can access ALL the Founding Member Premiums listed above for the next TWO YEARS for just $2950.

That comes out to less than $3 PER ALERT… All on trades that could Double Your Money or more.


  • $1750 for one year
  • $2950 for two years

I know which one I’d pick…

In fact, it’s a no brainer.

I can’t wait to get started! JOIN ME RIGHT NOW! There’s no time to waste…

In … I will release our next Expiration Trade LIVE with Founding Members.

I better see you there.

Mark Sebastian
November 2022

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