The January Market Shock Is Coming…

Master trader Shah Gilani says: “I’ve traded every single market crash since 1987… bring it on.”

Right now, he’s targeting three companies that he believes could each deliver triple-digit gains. And you can join him below.

Shah Gilani here.

We could see the S&P 500 drop by a total of 50% next year…

We could see a wave of bankruptcies…

With 2.1 million potential layoffs across the country, according to a shocking Bank of America report.

It’ll get worse before it gets better, people.

But that doesn’t stop us from making money…

This year, I closed 17 Waterfall Trades for a triple-digit profit, including…

105% with MBB in 15 days – while the S&P went DOWN 2%.

100% with COIN in 62 days – while the S&P went DOWN over 13%.

100% with MANU in 8 days – while the S&P went DOWN 2%.

215% with MSTR in 2 days – while the S&P only went up 2.6%.

540% with MSTR in 2 days – while the S&P went DOWN 5%.

As the market around you crumbles…

You don’t need to sit on the sidelines.

With Waterfall Trades, you can make a fortune on over-leveraged, over-indebted companies.

Hundreds of deadbeat companies are heading off a cliff…

Their stocks will crash whether you take advantage of these trades or not.

If you join me today, I’ll show you exactly what I did to make a fortune during every single market crisis since 1987.

Here’s what you get today…

You get your first three waterfall trades right now.

As soon as you become a member of the Hyperdrive Portfolio, you’ll also get access to my exclusive Kick-Start Briefing!

This briefing includes the details of your Waterfall Trades – all you need to know to set up the trades!

You do not want to miss this because the market conditions for these trades are PERFECT.

My team analyzed and backtested every possible Waterfall Trade over the last 12 months. And when conditions were right – as they are now – the top performers generated extraordinary potential, including…

Even just $5,000 into each of these plays could now be worth $343,200

That's the potential at hand waiting for you!

The great part is this trade is only the beginning of your Hyperdrive Portfolio experience.

Here's how it will work…


Every day the markets are open, my team and I will monitor our extensive target list.

When one of these deadbeat companies meets all three of our specific criteria and it enters the Drop Zone, we’ll know a fall is imminent.

I’ll issue you an immediate Trade Alert for your review. The Trade Alert will contain a breakdown of the company’s Financial X-Ray Score and Real Profits Indicator… it will also contain a complete Debt-Suffocation Grade.

PLUS, you’ll receive a detailed stock chart so you can see that the stock is in the Drop Zone, setting off our Trade Alert.

All you need to do is follow the instructions – and if you are completely comfortable with the play, you can make the trade!

Get ready to rumble because you’ll get at least ONE TRADE ALERT every week! That’s at least 50 Waterfall Trades over the next year…

And that’s a bare minimum because with interest rates surging, deadbeat companies are crashing left and right. In short, we could issue a new Waterfall Trade three, four – even five – times a week.

Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed with all the action. My team and I will monitor every trade, and when it’s time to exit the trade and collect any profits, we’ll issue a detailed PROFIT ALERT telling you exactly what to do.

The top performers showed extraordinary upside, including:

  • 640% in AZUL in 20 trading days…
  • 537% on EGO in 18 trading days…
  • 443% on BAND in 28 trading days…
  • 437% on RPD in 13 trading days, and…
  • 508% on NOVA in 19 trading days.

Of course, Waterfall Trades are only a small part of your Hyperdrive Portfolio experience.

Listen – this year, my Model Portfolio has been going up… and the S&P has been going down.

We made some nice gains with…

  • 100% in 26 days with CVX…
  • 100% in 3 days with RIO…
  • 100% in 1 month with XLF…
  • And 194% in 6 months with ZIM.

But there's also the...


Every week, you’ll be invited into my live trading room for a fully immersive experience.

As I mentioned in my presentation – COME PREPARED! These live trading sessions are intense and in REAL TIME!

You’ll have a front-row seat as I unleash 40 years of trading acumen on a slew of deadbeats, freeloaders, and leeches.

You’ll watch as I break down the target’s financials… analyze debt criteria… and evaluate trading signals.

The best part is you will see what it looks like when a bad company takes a beating and serves up a massive potential win of 443%, 640% – even 908%!

Here’s the part I love about our live trading sessions. They go hand in hand with my…


This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn from one of the greatest traders in the world – ME!

I’m not the only master trader to use the Waterfall Trade. Jesse Livermore used it in 1929 to pocket $100 million… John Paulson used it during the 2008 financial crisis to make $15 billion… and Sir John Templeton used it during the dot-com crash to rake in $80 million in six weeks!

Now, it’s your turn to become a MASTER.

In this comprehensive video training program, I’ll share all the secrets, techniques, and tactics that go into the Waterfall Trade…

In fact, I’ll show you everything I know about hammering bad companies for big wins.

I urge you to study them carefully and then join us in the live trading room to watch me put the power of these secrets into action.

Again, this is a thrilling, immersive, one-of-a-kind trading experience. You’re going to learn. You’re going to grow. You’re going to become a MASTER!

And there’s something else that ties in perfectly with the live trading room…


I’ve made millions as a trader… but the money isn’t my favorite part of the business. It’s the camaraderie.

Yes. The camaraderie – because there’s nothing like the adrenaline rush you get when you hit a deadbeat company for massive profits. It’s a feeling no one outside of the trading game can understand.

That’s why I’ve created our own Traders Club – designed exclusively for members. This is an online community you can visit anytime you wish – 24/7.

I’m confident you’ll enjoy meeting your fellow members… sharing war stories, comparing notes, and lining up strategies.


“I made over 100% in less a month. I really respect Shah Gilani’s analysis - he has come up with a LOT of winners for me!”

Robert F.

“I made 100% in five weeks on WSM… Thanks for all your smart trades. Keep up the good work!”

Nelda R.

“I made over 100% in about 4 days. This is a good ship to sail on!”

Larry W.

By the way, my goal is to make your Hyperdrive Portfolio experience extraordinary. I’m talking about white-glove service that “WOWS” you…

So any time you have a question, concern, or comment, you can immediately alert me and my team via the Hyperdrive Portfolio Hotline. This invaluable resource gives you real access and allows you to get the most popular trading questions answered fast.

As you can see, there’s so much that comes with a Hyperdrive Portfolio membership. Let me summarize everything you get…


  • The Kick-Start Briefings, with your first three trades
  • A new Trade Alert every week! That’s at least 50 Trade Alerts in the first year
  • Profit Alerts that tell you when to exit the trade and collect any profits
  • Weekly live trading room sessions
  • Members-only access to the Traders Club
  • Waterfall Profits Master Trading Program. This five-part video series will transform you from novice to master trader
  • Hyperdrive Portfolio Hotline

You’ll have everything you need to turn the ongoing market crisis into your personal hunting ground…

In a year’s time, not only could you be sitting on a massive windfall… but I’d bet my bottom dollar you’ll be a new person… a master trader ready to turn any market event into potential cash. That’s power, don’t you think?

With that in mind, you must be wondering how much all this costs.

There is no doubt in my mind that I could sell this service to my institutional clients for $50,000 a year. And you know what? There’d be a line around the block.

But I want everyone to be able to profit from this historic opportunity. So the price is not going to be $50,000… in fact, you’re not even going to pay the normal price of $5,000.


If you are among the first 100 subscribers today… you can get a one-year membership to Hyperdrive Portfolio for just $1,495.

But you must move fast…


As I explained, I want to give you an extraordinary Hyperdrive Portfolio experience. I want to “WOW” you with my trading recommendations that show potential gains of 537%, 625% – even 812% or more.

At the same time, I want to give you white-glove service where your every question is answered – your every wish fulfilled.

That’s why I’m only accepting 100 members today. First come, first served – no exceptions. This is your chance to be part of history… to join an elite group… to become a master trader.

Opportunities like this come around so very rarely – so let me make it an absolute no-brainer for you by giving you my solemn promise and guarantee…

I’ve told you that this financial crisis could last for two years…

So only in this offer, you can have access to my Hyperdrive Portfolio research service for TWO YEARS for only $1,950.

That way, I can be your mentor… and guide you during these hard times.


Go ahead and secure your spot as a Hyperdrive Portfolio member today… and then really immerse yourself in the experience.

Check out the Trade Alerts… capture any profits… visit the Traders Club… come to our live trading sessions… and complete the Waterfall Profits Master Trading Program.

If during the first 30 days – after all that – you decide membership is not for you… just contact my team via email or phone and we’ll give you a prompt refund.

That’s a fair as it gets, don’t you think? There is no pressure on you to make a final decision right now.

With only 100 spots available, you need to move fast before another ambitious trader blocks you out.

In a month’s time, I’m quite confident you’ll look at this as the biggest, most eventful, game-changing experience of your life. And if you don’t – if you aren’t absolutely thrilled and ecstatic – I’ll refund every penny.

Fair enough? Let’s do this!

Welcome aboard,

Shah Gilani

Founder, Hyperdrive Portfolio

December 2022


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